Sunday, July 29, 2007

Glimpsed Lately Around the Yard

A territorial chipping sparrow, scolding me away from nest or fledglings.

I was hoping that I'd get some decent sunlight for bird photography this weekend but it was not to be. What we did get was almost three inches of much-needed rain and the associated clouds, thunder, and lightning. After the cleansing renewal of the downpours, that familiar summer-in-SE-Ohio humidity settled in. Oofta!

So I have nothing very new to share here. These images were all taken in the past 10 days. Then, the sun shone, bathing the farm in lemony light and making my photography work much easier.

A head-on view of Gene Simmons, the familiar hummer, perched in the Japanese maple that serves as first base for whiffleball.

This male indigo bunting teases me by letting me get just close enough to take a really bad photo.

Cedar waxwings are in the yard eating the wild cherries.

This Adelie penguin was WAY off course. It's hanging around, though, so I tossed it some frozen shrimp tonight.

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