Meet the BWD Family: Bruce Wunderlich, Production Director

While we all get pretty excited around here every time we get to hold a new issue of Bird Watcher’s Digest or Watching Backyard Birds, production director Bruce Wunderlich might be the most thrilled.

And rightfully so. As the one who lays out every word, every image, every last little detail on every last page, Bruce is intimately immersed in our publications, and producing each issue is akin to breathing life into the ideas and creations of our many talented contributors.

“I have always had jobs that allow me to be creative, and I love seeing the final product,” Bruce says. “When each issue comes in the mail, I get excited to see how it turned out.”

And speaking of talented contributors, Bruce’s photography regularly graces the pages of both magazines and has even appeared on the cover of WBB. He also produced a gorgeous 2020 BWD calendar in partnership with Tamron (available at, and you can catch new photographs from him every Tuesday in BWD’s popular “Tamron Tuesday” social media posts.

In fact, when asked what he likes to do when he’s not working, he had only one answer: “Duh, photography!”

He’s not joking. When he’s not photographing birds, Bruce is often seen in and around Marietta, Ohio, capturing unique perspectives and frameworthy shots of this charming riverside town and the events that make it such a special place. He is a bit of a local celebrity, with his photos appearing in official city publications, on postcards, and on the walls of numerous folks who have fallen in love with his work.

His passion for Marietta and photography is also evident in his guided “photo walks” for photographers of all levels. He is constantly thinking up innovative ways to get both new and experienced photographers more comfortable and creative with their lenses as they explore the town they know and love with new eyes.

Bird Watcher’s Digest sure hit the jackpot when Bruce joined our team in 2017. His ties to the magazine actually go back much further, though: “In 1978, when the Thompson family started BWD, I was a platemaker at the printer where BWD was first printed. I came to know the Thompson family over the years, producing the early issues of the magazine.”

While Bruce has always enjoyed nature, he says birding became a passion once he started working at BWD. That passion is part of the magic Bruce infuses into each issue of the magazine. We hope next time you hold one of our publications that you take a moment to appreciate not just the beauty of the art and images but also the aesthetic experience Bruce has crafted for you to enjoy with the turn of every page.