Meet the BWD Family: Cindy Martin, Circulation Assistant

We here at Bird Watcher’s Digest pride ourselves in being one of the few businesses these days where if you call our office during business hours, a real live human will answer the phone. We are also proud that the cheerful voice you’ll hear on the other end of the line will likely be that of Cindy Martin, a dynamo who came to our team a couple years ago to cover receptionist duties as well as assist with circulation.

Cindy says her favorite part of her job is keeping busy, which is a good thing, because she has no shortage of things to keep her hopping! In the morning, she picks up and sorts the mail, and she also drops off our mail in the evenings. In between, she helps Fulfillment Coordinator Melody Carpenter with a myriad of circulation responsibilities, and in between those tasks, she’s answering all our incoming calls. “Sometimes it gets hectic, but Mel keeps me in line on what she needs done first,” she says.

Some of our readers may recall that our phones used to be answered by co-founder of the magazine Elsa Thompson. Cindy was lucky enough to work alongside her before Elsa’s passing last year, and they became fast friends. “Elsa was kind of like a grandmother figure for me. I would come in early to talk with her,” Cindy says. “She was a very sweet lady and I miss her. I feel as if I lost a member of my family.”

When Cindy is not at the office juggling her numerous responsibilities, you will likely find her outside soaking up some fresh air. “I love to be outdoors in the yard—mowing, weeding and planting flowers.”