Meet the BWD Family: Molly Wimer, Controller

In the fall of 2020, Bird Watcher’s Digest found itself in need of someone to fill our controller position, and we were so fortunate when Molly Wimer found us and came on board the BWD team.

Molly is local to the area where our headquarters are located, having grown up in Fleming, Ohio, just outside Marietta. She describes Fleming as a small laid-back country town. “I grew up surrounded by family and good old-fashioned ways,” she says.

As controller, Molly has a hand in every department every day, monitoring our spending and income. “I try to make sure things are running smoothly so that BWD employees can do their jobs without any issues,” she says.

Molly comes from the world of auto dealerships, which she describes as being nothing like the birding and publishing industry, “so BWD is a big change for me.” She is especially fond of our relaxed office environment and “co-workers that are true down-to-earth people.” To that, we would say it takes one to know one, because our staff truly appreciates Molly’s no-nonsense approach to her job—and to life in general. She is a hard worker, and she equally values playing hard with her family and loved ones.

When she’s not in the office, Molly says, “I enjoy walking in the woods, clearing my mind and the peace there. I enjoy making arts and crafts from recycled goods or items from nature.”