Meet the BWD Family: Sarah Clark, Digital Marketing Manager

Whether she’s posting cleverly crafted words to BWD’s social media pages or crafting cleverly designed uterus ornaments for hysterectomy patients, you can bet Sarah Clark is breathing wit and light into her many projects, both professional and personal.

Since September 2017, Sarah has served as our digital marketing manager, which means she is a content-producing guru—she handles BWD’s and Redstart Birding’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, in addition to developing various special publications such as our annual Optics Guide, various bird ID guides (Fall Warblers, Female Songbirds, and Hummingbirds, to name a few), Redstart’s holiday shopping catalog, and our company media kit. You will also find her byline on our Out There with the Birds blog and in the magazine’s Book Notes column.

And when she’s not producing all this (and so much more), she also travels a good bit between our Reader Rendezvous trips and the numerous birding festivals BWD attends. She has become quite knowledgeable in the world of optics and all the bird-watching gear available through Redstart Birding, and is quite adept at matching customers with the best equipment for their birding needs.

Though she has appreciated the dark-eyed junco for many years and considers it her spark bird, Sarah was not a “proper birder” prior to joining the BWD staff. She cites the Cleveland Reader Rendezvous in November 2017 as where that all changed, “specifically while watching endless mergansers coming in across Lake Erie at dawn,” she says. “I’d never felt such a sense of calm before or since, but I don’t mind chasing it.”

In her time away from the office, Sarah keeps equally busy with an assortment of artsy endeavors like knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and dyeing. Her current projects include “coral reef tapestries, uterus ornaments for hysterectomy patients, and studies of snapshots from hikes done in lace stretched over stones. Sometimes I knit for charity. Sometimes I play guitar, but only my cat is allowed to hear.”