Submission Guidelines

Each issue of BWD comprises a wide array of material aimed at bird watchers and birders at all levels of interest and ability.

Guidelines for Artists

Bird Watcher’s Digest is a bimonthly (six issues a year), digest-sized magazine. Each issue of BWD reaches more than 125,000 people worldwide. We use spot art several times per year, although not in every issue. Based on samples we have on file, we contact artists to create illustrations for specific stories.

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Guidelines for Photographers

Bird Watcher’s Digest (BWD) magazine has been publishing beautiful bird photography for more than 35 years. In 1978, when the magazine was founded, we published only black-and-white images. Thankfully, that changed long ago! Other things have changed, too. Now, we consider only digital images for possible publication. We use photos to augment our magazine’s content, so we often look for nontraditional shots of birds, including images capturing unusual behavior or settings. For our species profiles of birds, we look for more traditional images: sharp, well-composed portraits of wild birds in their natural habitat.

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Guidelines for Writers

Bird Watcher’s Digest (BWD) is a bimonthly magazine devoted to providing entertaining, informative, and engaging content to its readers and subscribers. We were founded in 1978 in the living room of the Thompson family of Marietta, Ohio, and we are still the only independently owned and operated wild-bird magazine in North America. It is also the only bird-watching magazine created by bird watchers, for bird watchers.

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