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Why Advertise with Bird Watcher’s Digest?

After nearly four decades in business, the team at Bird Watcher’s Digest knows the birding market better than anyone else. We feature more than 30 distinct marketing channels for aiming your message/brand directly at our targeted, engaged audience. From print ads to podcasts, from e-blasts to events, from custom content to calls-to-action, we’ve literally surrounded the market with ways you can reach affluent and active nature-loving consumers.

Our audience reach is more than 1 million potential impressions. But these aren’t just random names gathered up via low-quality sweepstakes and giveaways. These are qualified consumers with whom we’ve developed a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship over the decades. We’ve accomplished this through our engaging, entertaining, and informative content, which is selected (and even created) by our staff full of avid, knowledgeable birders.

Consider this: We’ve been delivering 30,000 words, on average, per issue since disco was king in the late 70s! That’s 180,000 words annually and more than 7 million words since we launched BWD in the fall of 1978. Every one of those words has received our expert editorial care, and our readers show their appreciation by reading every issue cover-to-cover and by renewing their subscriptions at rates that far exceed the benchmarks of the consumer magazine industry. This means that your advertising and marketing is destined for success because it’s reaching our highly qualified readers!

But why take OUR word for it? Here are some of our satisfied advertisers and marketing partners:

“We know when the magazine lands in people’s hand because our phone rings! And it’s been that way from the first ad over a decade ago.” -Geoff Heeter, New River Birding & Wildlife Festival

“Working with BWD over the last several years has been very easy. Their comprehensive programs of delivering messages to consumers is second to none. The reach they have to passionate birders combined with easy delivery makes BWD one of the most reputable marketing partners we have.” -Dean Capuano, 
Director of Communications, Swarovski Optik North America LTD

Please contact our sales team today for a custom media evaluation. We’ll be happy to design a marketing program that matches your budget and goals and one that will be well received by our audience.

Wendy Clark
Bird Watcher’s Digest
P.O. Box 110
Marietta, OH 45750
[email protected]


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