Unauthorized Renewal Notice

Dear subscribers,

Some subscribers to Bird Watcher’s Digest have alerted us that they received a renewal notification from the following companies:

Publishers Billing Exchange
Magazine Billing Network
MDS – Magazine Distribution Service
BSA – Billing Service Association
Orbital Publishing Group
Readers Magazine Service

We do not do business with these companies. These are fraudulent renewal notices. We handle all renewals in-house, and any renewal or subscription correspondence will come directly from us and include our logo.

We have been alerted to other suspicious companies with whom we have no business agreement who use similar practices. Most present themselves as a “billing services” or “magazine publisher” representative. None of these companies is authorized to sell or represent Bird Watcher’s Digest or Watching Backyard Birds. We never allow another company to process our renewals.

Please forward any correspondence you receive from such companies to:

Bird Watcher’s Digest
Attn: Circulation
PO BOX 110
Marietta, OH 45750

If you have any questions about your renewal or subscription status, please call us toll-free at 800-879-2473 to speak to a live person at our office. Thank you for your assistance.


Laura Thompson Fulton
Circulation Director
Bird Watcher’s Digest

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