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Birding Basics & Beyond

Many bird watchers get their start watching birds at the feeders in the backyard. For those who want to take the hobby one step further, this booklet, written by BWD Assistant Editor Kyle Carlsen, provides a friendly, easy path. Topics include how to identify unfamiliar birds, choosing the right binoculars, using a field guide, where and when to look for birds, and everything else an inquisitive new birder needs to know to start out on the right foot.


Bird Watching for Kids

How can you get a young person to put down the cell phone or iPod and pick up binoculars? Get them this brand new colorful booklet! With fresh content that taps their imagination and directs it toward the fascinating world of birds, Bird Watching for Kids speaks to them in their terms. Identification cues, equipment tips, backyard projects, “awesome” facts, they’re all right here. This booklet can help you set a young birder on the right path, so buy it today!


Enjoying Cardinals More Booklet

A helpful guide to understanding this common red-crested backyard bird. Learn how to attract, feed, please and protect this North American treasure. This booklet offers wonderful color photographs to illustrate the northern cardinal’s behaviors, feeding habits, and more!


Enjoying Bird Feeding More Booklet

Enjoying Bird Feeding More perfectly illustrates for your employees and customers how to set up a feeding station. It includes a great feeding chart so you and your customers can choose the proper food for each species. It also answers bird feeding questions and explains seed types and suet.


Backyard Bird Identification Booklet

Our #1 best seller. It includes more than 90 photos, with more than 80 of birds most commonly found in backyards of the eastern and western U.S. The Key info: ranges, food preferences, step by step ID tips, etc. Great starter guide for the beginning backyard bird watcher.


Enjoying Hummingbirds More Booklet

The hummingbird is the top bird for introducing customers to bird watching. We provide timely info; your store can translate that into sales. This booklet is great as part of a hummingbird starter kit or gift basket and includes great info on hummingbird-friendly plants, trees, and flowers.


Enjoying Bluebirds More Booklet

Enjoying Bluebirds More is the step by step manual for the bluebird landlord. Each of your customers that buys a bluebird house must have this booklet. It will help ensure success. Key info: How to pick a good house, how to set it up, what you’ll see from day 1 to day 30, why a pole with a baffles is your best bet for setting up your house, and a how-to troubleshooting chart.


Enjoying Squirrels More (or Less!) Booklet

Whether you love them or hate them, squirrels provide retailers a lot of sales. Our booklet acknowledges the mixed opinions of consumers, and you need to sell to both camps, whether it’s ear corn to attract/distract squirrels or the wide range of feeders, poles and baffles used to thwart squirrels. This booklet includes 11 ways to deter squirrels.


Backyard Bird Watcher’s Answer Guide Booklet

The perfect training tool for anyone working in your store. Have a question about squirrels? It’s in the book. What about baby birds? Yep. It’s jam packed with answers to 101 questions and 42 solutions to backyard problems. When you provide a solution to a customer, you often realize a sale. This answer guide provides solutions and increased sales.


Enjoying Woodpeckers More Booklet

Are they a delight at backyard feeders or a nuisance that drives people crazy? Opinions are as strong about woodpeckers as they are on squirrels. This booklet includes a troubleshooting guide and profiles of key species.


A Guide to Bird Homes Booklet

Here’s what you need to know about cavity nesters. Bluebirds and martins are the best known examples, but others include nuthatches, chickadees, woodpeckers, starlings, kestrels, wood ducks (and other duck species), wrens and the dreaded house sparrow. This booklet illustrates what is needed to make the process work for you and for your customers.


Enjoying Purple Martins More Booklet

Buying a martin house is a big step–and can be expensive one! This booklet highlights the key factors determining success for martin landlords, including habitat, common mistakes, housing traits, etc. Includes a troubleshooting chart. Martins enthuiasts are just as devoted as hummingbird enthusiasts.


Creating Your Backyard Bird Garden Booklet

Creating Your Backyard Bird Garden supplies the perfect blueprint for combining bird feeding with the ideal habitat for your customers’ backyard visitors. Each bird or butterfly garden sold will mean significant revenue for your store. If yours is a bird store, you can still supply the latest and best bird gardening info for your customers.

Creating Your Water Garden Booklet

This fast growing category inspired a concise, objective booklet filled with pertinent content that will have your customers begging for their own water garden. Plant charts, suggestions on fish, troubleshooting info–it’s all here. Makes a great giveaway/loaner to your best prospects. If they like what they read, you’ll be seeing green(backs!).

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Enjoying Butterflies More Booklet

This is the best, most concise booklet on the market. It includes fantastic photos and key info on the plants that butterflies (and caterpillars) prefer. It is perfect for the store that wishes to market bird- and butterfly-friendly habitat.


Understanding Bats Booklet

Our West Nile Virus Special! Bats are proven to eat 2,000-3,000 mosquitoes per night. Many consumers are honing in on this fact, driving the demand for bat houses and bat information to new heights. You can take advantage of this fact by selling this guide to your customers.

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