Cardinals & Allies


Pyrrhuloxia photo by SearchNet Media, Tuscon, AZ / Wikimedia Commons

Look For The “desert cardinal” looks like a northern cardinal that has gone gray. Pyrrhuloxias are 8 ¾ inches in length. The male pyrrhuloxia is light gray overall with a red face and a red central stripe from the chin to the lower belly. A long crest is tipped in red. The stubby, conical bill… Read more

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal (Photo: Creative Commons)

All About A black face and a long red crest smartly set off the bright red plumage of the male cardinal. Females are a muted, brownish version of the male. Strongly territorial, mated cardinal pairs will vigorously defend their nesting turf from rivals, even going so far as to attack their own reflections in windows… Read more

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