Cuckoos & Roadrunners

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

An adult yellow-billed cuckoo perched on a tree branch.

What Does a Yellow-billed Cuckoo Look Like? Slender and long-tailed, the yellow-billed cuckoo has a plain brown back and creamy white breast. The underside of the tail shows a pattern of bold white spots against a black background, and bright rufous wing patches are visible in flight. The lower part of the bill is yellow… Read more

Mangrove Cuckoo

Mangrove cuckoo, photo by / wikimedia

Found only in south Florida, the mangrove cuckoo is an uncommon resident of mangrove swamps. Except in migration is it the only cuckoo likely to be found there. It is recognized by its long, slender cuckoo shape and separated from the yellow-billed by the strong wash of rufous on the underparts and the lack of… Read more

Greater Roadrunner

Greater Roadrunner (Photo: Lip Kee Yap / Wikimedia)

Look For This large streaky bird with a shaggy head is unmistakable, though it does not look much like the famous cartoon. The Greater Roadrunner has a long tail spotted with white and a head with a crest that it raises and lowers as it stalks through the dry open country while hunting. Listen For… Read more

Black-billed Cuckoo

A black-billed cuckoo perches on a branch.

Generally more northern than the closely related yellow-billed cuckoo, the black-billeds cuckoo can be found in deciduous woodlands where there are caterpillars. During outbreaks of tent caterpillars both species can be locally common. Like the other cuckoos, it has a slow, almost floppy flight as it moves from tree to tree. The black-billed cuckoo is… Read more

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