Upland Game Birds

Greater Sage-Grouse

A greater sage-grouse stands against a brown background.

What Does a Greater Sage-grouse Look Like? The greater sage-grouse is the largest North American grouse, with a thick, plump body, small head, and a long tail. Its plumage is a scaled pattern of gray, brown, and black, with a black belly. Males are larger than females. The male has a strikingly distinct appearance with… Read more

Northern Bobwhite

A northern bobwhite stands in green grass.

What Does a Northern Bobwhite Look Like? The northern bobwhite is the East’s only quail. This plump, football-shaped bird more often runs than flies and, when not disturbed, picks at the ground for seeds like a chicken. It is 10 inches long. Males have a striking head pattern, with a white throat and supercilium (line… Read more

Ring-necked Pheasant

Ring-necked pheasant

Look For A large long-tailed bird most often seen walking on the ground, the ring-necked pheasant is not as shy as other game birds. The male is distinctive with his rusty body, white neck ring, the same shape but are tan overall and have shorter tails. Listen For Only the males call, uttering a harsh… Read more

Lesser Prairie-Chicken

Two lesser prairie-chickens in a grassy setting. One of them is jumping.

What to Look and Listen For Lesser prairie-chickens are grouselike birds about the size of a small domestic chicken. They are mostly brown with horizontal barring and a short, rounded tail. They resemble their larger cousin, the greater prairie-chicken, in plumage and behavior—but they are smaller and paler with lighter barring on their underparts. Both… Read more

Wild Turkey

A wild turkey stands in front of a leafy green background.

What Does a Wild Turkey Look Like? A tall, strong-legged bird, the feathers of the wild turkey are iridescent with dark bronze, shot with hints of copper and acid green. Displaying in spring, the male erects its plumage in the strut posture, its enormous tail fanned, wings drooping, and wattles ablaze. A “beard” of wiry… Read more

California Quail

California Quail

Despite its name, the California quail is not quite restricted to that state, breeding from extreme southern British Columbia south through Baja California and into Nevada and parts of Idaho and Utah. The male has a black face outlined in white, a red crown, and a curved black crest feather that looks like a reverse… Read more

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