Loons & Grebes

Pied-billed Grebe

Pied-billed Grebe

Look For Our most widespread and common small grebe, the pied-billed is usually seen alone (not in flocks) swimming on quiet waters where it dives and pursues small fish underwater, propelled by its feet. Tawny brown overall in all seasons, it gets its name from the black band around its pale bill, a field mark… Read more

Western Grebe

Western grebe photo by Frank Schulenburg / Wikimedia Commons.

Look For Our largest grebe, the western grebe is black and white with a very long, swan-like neck, striking red eyes, and a long, slightly upturned yellow bill. This beautiful bird breeds throughout much of western North America. Listen For The western grebe lets out harsh whistles and croaks. Remember The western and Clark’s grebes… Read more

Horned Grebe

Horned grebe photo by Connor Mah / Wikimedia Commons.

Horned grebes in winter typically have an entirely white throat and chest that contrasts sharply with the dark gray sides, upperparts, and especially the sides and back of the neck. The bright white front is obvious and is usually visible at great distances, especially when the bird is facing you. Horned grebes have relatively straight… Read more

Eared Grebe

Eared grebe photo by Frank Schulenburg / Wikimedia Commons

Eared grebes show almost no contrast on the breast and throat. That is because the area is dingy gray, only slightly lighter than the back, sides, upperparts, and back and sides of the neck. Eared grebes are overall plain gray birds. They do, however, have a distinct pale area on the rear of the face… Read more

Common Loon

Common loon photo by John Picken/Wikimedia

The common loon is a large, long, diving bird seen most often on big lakes, where it rides low in the water. In summer, the adult’s black head, body, and bill contrast with a bright white chest and black-and-white-checkered back. In winter, common loons are drab gray above and white below. Listen For The haunting… Read more

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