The Big Sit! 2007 Statistics

These statistics reflect information submitted by reporting circles. As teams continue to report their Big Sit! results, the statistics on this page will change to reflect up-to-the-minute information.

Team Information: Marsh Dwellers

Captain: Gordon West
Location: Bandon, Oregon (United States)

Team Checklist

  1. Eared Grebe Podiceps nigricollis
  2. Horned Grebe Podiceps auritus
  3. Western Grebe Aechmophorus occidentalis
  4. Double-crested Cormorant Phalacrocorax auritus
  5. Brandt's Cormorant Phalacrocorax penicillatus
  6. Great Egret Ardea alba
  7. Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias
  8. Canada Goose Branta canadensis
  9. Mallard Anas platyrhynchos
  10. Surf Scoter Melanitta perspicillata
  11. White-winged Scoter Melanitta fusca
  12. Bufflehead Bucephala albeola
  13. Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis
  14. Osprey Pandion haliaetus
  15. Red-shouldered Hawk Buteo lineatus
  16. Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis
  17. American Coot Fulica americana
  18. Western Sandpiper Calidris mauri
  19. California Gull Larus californicus
  20. Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis
  21. Herring Gull Larus argentatus
  22. Western Gull Larus occidentalis
  23. Belted Kingfisher Megaceryle alcyon
  24. Common Raven Corvus corax
  25. American Crow Corvus brachyrhynchos
  26. Chipping Sparrow Spizella passerina
  27. Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta

Team Notes

Participants: Gordon West, Janet McNew, JC Luoto, Irene Luoto, Sara Dorland

Weather: overcast and windy

Location: Bandon Marsh Wildlife Refuge

Time At Location: 9 hours

extreme high tide precluded our seeing numerous shore birds as we have in the past. high cold winds also seemed to reduce the number of birds we have seen before. conspicuously absent were raptors, especially a golden eagle we have seen every year at the big sit.

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