The Big Sit! 2008 Statistics

These statistics reflect information submitted by reporting circles. As teams continue to report their Big Sit! results, the statistics on this page will change to reflect up-to-the-minute information.

Team Information: Birds of Gujarat-GNCS

Captain: Bhargav Joshi
Location: Vadodara, Other (India)

Team Checklist

  1. Common Babbler
  2. Common Crow
  3. Bee-Eater
  4. Flame Back Wood packer
  5. Rose ring Parakeet
  6. Small Egret
  7. Common Iora
  8. Common Hawk Cocok
  9. Craw pheasant
  10. Chestnut throated Prinia
  11. White billed Drongo
  12. Glossy Ibis
  13. little cormorant
  14. Purple sunbird
  15. Bulbul
  16. pied Cuckoo
  17. Jungle crow
  18. Shikra
  19. White throated Kingfisher
  20. Black Redstart
  21. spotted owlet
  22. Red rumped Swallow
  23. Red Francolin
  24. Common House sparrow
  25. Magpie robin
  26. grey partridge
  27. Large grey Babbler
  28. white eye
  29. Painted Stroke
  30. Yellow billed Flycatcher
  31. peafowl
  32. asy prinia
  33. Indian Tree pie
  34. Ring dove

Team Notes

Participants: Avi Sabawala,Bhargav Joshi and Lekhraj singh Rathore

Weather: Clear

Location: Nature Park,Sindhrot,Dist:Vadodara,Gujarat,India

Time At Location: 6 Hours

Avisabawala and lekhrajsing Reached at watching site and 6 AM in morning of 12th october i my self join them at 8 and we were count birds till 12 Noon.and during course of 6 hours we have recorded 34 Species of Birds

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