The Big Sit! 2011 Team Reports

Check out team reports submitted by the captains of Big Sit! circles around the world.


Circle Captain: Amy Peck

Circle Location: West Haven, Connecticut (United States)

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Circle Captain: Lisa Chapman

Circle Location: Smethport, Pennsylvania (United States)

Some obvious easy misses, Mourning Dove, Flicker. Stable weather for four days, little migrant activity.

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Arroyo Colorado Audubon Society

Circle Captain: Sue Griffin

Circle Location: Rio Hondo, Texas (United States)

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Audubon Society of Kalamazoo, Michigan

Circle Captain: Jan Shillito

Circle Location: Mattawan, Michigan (United States)

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B.W. Surf Scopers

Circle Captain: Frank Gallo

Circle Location: Milford, Connecticut (United States)

Patrick and Jim arrived at 4 a.m.; while they were waiting for me to arrive, they heard a migrant N. Saw-whet owl calling from the cedars at the edge of the parking lot at the Coastal Center. I showed up 7 minutes later and it had already stopped calling...

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Circle Captain: Austin Lewis

Circle Location: Middletown, Connecticut (United States)

beautiful weather, morning started with a flock of canada geese flying over and waking us. 1st ever yard Cedar Waxwings and Yellow-rumped Warblers

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Bald Eagle SP Storm Birds

Circle Captain: Diane Bierly

Circle Location: Bald Eagle State Par, Pennsylvania (United States)

This location was socked in by fog until 11 a.m. which contributed to out lack of waterfowl sitings.

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Bill & Claudia in Cerro Azul

Circle Captain: William Ahrens

Circle Location: Los Altos del Cerro, Other (Panama)

Area was foggy with only occasional views only as far as the distant hills.

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Bird Nerds

Circle Captain: Laurie & Dan Mooney

Circle Location: Plaquemine Locks Sta, Louisiana (United States)

Windy, lots of big boat traffic on the river. Windy. Northern Mockingbirds were entertaining all day guarding a stand of sumac and otherwise just being mockingbirds. Great low flyover by an adult bald eagle while 8 folks were at the site...

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Circle Captain: Brian Bockhahn

Circle Location: Wake Forest, North Carolina (United States)

Nocturnal flight call totals: Veery 4 Swainsons Thrush 3 Gray-cheeked Thrush 9 Hermit Thrush 25 Wood Thrush 2 Indigo Bunting 2 Rose-breasted Grosbeak 4 White-throated Sparrow 3 Little Blue Heron 1

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Black Bayou Birders

Circle Captain: Joan Brown

Circle Location: Monroe, Louisiana (United States)

Warm, extremely dry conditions, and a very windy day hampered our effort. We missed several of the birds we saw last year. The highlight of the day was a Bewick's Wren.

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Boreal Birdometers

Circle Captain: Bill Tefft

Circle Location: Ely, Minnesota (United States)

Chatted with dog walkers, anglers and fall color observers. This the first year in the 5 years of counting at this site that we have seen: American Coot (one was determined to hang out with horned grebes in a deep water area of the lake), Bonaparte's Gulls (a flock made its way up and down the lake several times during the day), cedar waxwings (usually have left our area by now), palm warbler, red-wing blackbirds and common grackles (flock - usually this is rusty blackbird time)

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Camp Remote

Circle Captain: Russell Emmons

Circle Location: Casco, Michigan (United States)

Birding activity even at our feeders was very light & sparse! --Disappointing!

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Circle Captain: Frank Apsey

Circle Location: Harrisville, Michigan (United States)

Not much going on with the birds. However, I did count 250 Monarch butterflies migrating south along the shoreline.

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Chambers Lake Early Birders

Circle Captain: Larry Lewis

Circle Location: Coatesville, Pennsylvania (United States)

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Circle Captain: Charles Yawn

Circle Location: Duluth, Georgia (United States)

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Circle Captain: Al Ahlgrim

Circle Location: Oregon City, Oregon (United States)

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Coastal VA Wildlife Observatory

Circle Captain: Brian Taber

Circle Location: Northampton County, Virginia (United States)

We found 89 species, the highest total in our 13 years of Big Sitting; one species more than last year. Our cumulative list is now 156 species. New for the sit were American Woodcock, Common Nighthawk, and Tennessee Warbler...

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De Hoekse Sluis

Circle Captain: Erik Kleyheeg

Circle Location: Bergambacht, Other (Netherlands)

Wonderful morning with great numbers of migrating birds incl. a new one for the location (Great Grey Shrike) and some other local rarities. Record counts for Chaffinch, Linnet and Mistle Thrush. Fantastic!

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Dead Wood Birders

Circle Captain: Joe Sebastiani

Circle Location: Avondale, Pennsylvania (United States)

Slow nocturnal migration and slow for owls.

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Deer Flat Sitters

Circle Captain: Cheryl Huizinga

Circle Location: Nampa, Idaho (United States)

This was the first time a Big Sit was had at the Refgue. The weather was perfect! We started the morning with owl calls but none responded. Three of us were there through the morning with one joining mid-morning and two more as day progressed...

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Eagle Eyes Squaw Creek NWR

Circle Captain: James Voltz

Circle Location: Mound City, Missouri (United States)

The Voltz's were on site before midnight October 8, 2011 and were ready to begin listing birds at midnight. Chris arrived at 5:30 AM and began her vigil. At 8 AM Brent came on the scene and began listening and viewing some more birds...

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East Aurora Bird Club

Circle Captain: Mary Steuer

Circle Location: Buffalo, New York (United States)

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Circle Captain: Sam Galick

Circle Location: Cape May Point, New Jersey (United States)

As yesterday's de facto list keeper, I am today's de facto list sender. Tom Reed, we hope you'll return next year! Below is the list of 117 species tallied from the Hawkwatch Platform at Cape May Point State Park during yesterday's Big Sit...

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FBMP Migrants

Circle Captain: Noel Cutright

Circle Location: Town of Belgium, Wisconsin (United States)

Two species were recorded for first time on property, bringing total after 2.5 years to 207 species. A Black-crowned Night-Heron was heard at 2 a.m. by Bill Mueller who camped out on the platform. A Yellow-headed Blackbird was sighted as it flew with a southward bound flock of Red-winged Blackbirds by Carl Schwartz...

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Circle Captain: Olli Haukkovaara

Circle Location: Hanko, Other (Finland)

Visible migration was great, weather was perfect. Little bit outside our circle we saw 5 more species; Long-eared Owl, Great Grey Shrike, Jack Snipe, Grey Plover and Common Redstart. The highlight of the day was the Golden Eagle we saw after we left Uddskatan - it was a lifer for Harri.

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Glastonbury Meadow Scopers

Circle Captain: Bill Asteriades

Circle Location: Glastonbury, Connecticut (United States)

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Circle Captain: Gary Cowell Jr.

Circle Location: Perrysville, Ohio (United States)

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Circle Captain: Mark Lynch

Circle Location: Westport, Massachusetts (United States)

Our first effort, and a MAS class effort too. Next year we will do a fuller (time-wise) Big Sit. Huge movements of Golden-crowned Kinglets, Song and White-throated Sparrows and phoebes. Out of the ordinary was having a RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER fly in off the ocean and land on a bush in front of us and 2 WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCHES is unusual for a location out in the ocean and connected by land only by a causeway...

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Circle Captain: Valerie Barnes

Circle Location: Fayetteville, Pennsylvania (United States)

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Circle Captain: Andrew Baldelli

Circle Location: Hebron, Kentucky (United States)

The day was long sitting in one spot but alot of fun waiting for the next species . Doing one in the spring would also be fun. Lee and I found 37 species also we spotted some swallows very high in the air we couldn't Id...

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Heinz Refuge NWR

Circle Captain: Debbie Beer

Circle Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States)

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Hoffmann Hawkeyes

Circle Captain: Jamie Bishop

Circle Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts (United States)

The highlights of our list were the Rusty Blackbird, a Cooper's Hawk dive bombing the Turkey Vultures, and a pair of Common Mergansers. We saw the majority of our checklist before 11:00 am. The next six hours were pretty quiet with occasional punctuation by Crows, Blue Jays, and Black-capped Chickadees...

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Circle Captain: Virginia Lindgren

Circle Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States)

Feeders were overrun by Tufted Titmice, Black-capped Chickadees and White-breasted Nuthatches all day. Also saw sizable groups (20-40+)of Mourning Doves, American Robins and European Starlings. There were several confusing fall warblers I was unable to ID, and not having anyone to work with, I did not to submit anything I was not 100% sure on...

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Circle Captain: Jane Van Coney

Circle Location: Cincinnati, Ohio (United States)

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Juniata Juncos

Circle Captain: Chad Kauffman

Circle Location: Mifflintown, Pennsylvania (United States)

A slow day, but still got to 30. The fog during the prime time in the morning prevented us from getting some usuals.

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Kathies Korner

Circle Captain: Kathie Gifford

Circle Location: Linglestown, Pennsylvania (United States)

It was a quiet year with no unusual species. I didn't come near to my highest count of 23. The summer birds have gone and the fall/winter birds haven't arrived yet. However the weather was greatly enjoyed...

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Keen Eye Birders

Circle Captain: Toby Burke

Circle Location: Kenai NWR, Alaska (United States)

The second annual Kenai National Wildlife Refuge BIG SIT, hosted by the refuge and the Keen Eye Birders, lasted from dawn to dusk (7:45AM- 8:00PM) at the Lower Skilak Lake Boat Launch. A persistent "morning" fog finally lifted at 3PM revealing crystal clear skies and windless conditions...

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Kentucky Warblers

Circle Captain: Brainard Palmer-ball

Circle Location: Suwanee, Kentucky (United States)

First bird was a Great Blue Heron we frightened up from shoreline in dark. Happy to hear both Great Horned Owl and Barred Owl before dawn. Lake level was higher than expected, so expected waterbird loafing bar was not present (bummer); very little songbird migration noted during the day, but migrating woodpeckers and Blue Jays kept us busy in the sky overhead...

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Circle Captain: Jeremy Faucher

Circle Location: Longmeadow, Massachusetts (United States)

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Kings River Raptors

Circle Captain: Ellen Davies

Circle Location: Reedley, California (United States)

Over 170 Turkey Vultures flew over, migrating south. New birds this year Mallard, Nuttall's Woodpecker, Gold-crowned Sparrow and Tree Swallow.

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KnobandValley Audubon

Circle Captain: Rod Goforth

Circle Location: Clarksville, Indiana (United States)

A nice day to sit outside but very little bird activity this morning. A few good birds seen on the outer fossil beds but big misses up close in the riparian habitat. There was noticeably very little migrant or raptor activity with the stable weather.

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Lakeside Willows

Circle Captain: Doug Overacker

Circle Location: Springfield, Ohio (United States)

The weather was very pleasant but with the south wind we didn't have much activity. Very few birds were migrating.

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Lenoir Lunatics

Circle Captain: Michael Bochnik

Circle Location: Yonkers, New York (United States)

Over 30 people stopped by. Eight warblers were found, a new record for us. Very few hawks and migrants passing by, most birds were in the field and trees around us. Hawk migration picked up slightly after 10 AM when winds changed to a light northerly breeze.

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Litchfield Hills Audubon, CT

Circle Captain: David Tripp Jr.

Circle Location: Litchfield, Connecticut (United States)

Two packs of Coyotes answering to Barred and Great Horned Owls howling then each other two different times. One pack was on the move. Clear predawn skies with unlimited stars and migrants dropping in overhead just before first light...

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Lk Pine Gray Gooses

Circle Captain: Maggie Thomas

Circle Location: Medford, New Jersey (United States)

Starting at Midnight, and bolstered by Irish coffee and Pringles (reduced calorie, of course!) the "little" Big Sit began. Nighttime visitors/callers and flyovers included the Great Horned Owl, Northern Parula,the G-C Kinglet and a couple of Beavers perhaps looking to gnaw through my remaining small willow...

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Lower Columbia Birders

Circle Captain: Mike Patterson

Circle Location: Seaside, Oregon (United States)

We had a big ocean which made for less than perfect conditions most of the morning. And we saw no chickadees which is kind of weird.

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Maricopa Audubon's Katheryn F. Anderson Granite Reef Asterisk's Big Sit!

Circle Captain: Herbert Fibel

Circle Location: Mesa, Arizona (United States)

Pre-dawn we started off calling owls--first the Western Screech (no response) and then the Great Horned, who flew silently into the tree right by our count circle. Thus the parade began. By the end of the day we had tallied 67 species, tied for second highest count number so far, and had added six new species to our cumulative list bringing the total for our sixteen years at this site to 130...

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Marlboro Flaming County Seaters

Circle Captain: Fred Shaffer

Circle Location: Upper Marlboro, Maryland (United States)

Another wonderful Big Sit at Schoolhouse Pond. 64 total species were recorded with the most unusual birds being the calling Marsh Wren, Solitary Sandpiper, Black-throated Green Warbler, and Magnolia Warbler...

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Circle Captain: David Lovett

Circle Location: huntersville, North Carolina (United States)

By 9:35AM had tallied 50 of the total species seen. Low shorebird and duck counts, plus missed harrier and osprey seen on previous years. Good local participation and weather was comfortable.

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Memorial Park Lawn Chair Birders

Circle Captain: Steve Garr

Circle Location: Jefferson City, Missouri (United States)

Twenty four folks joined us throughout the day at our 4th Big Sit at Memorial Park in Jefferson City, MO., and we saw 34 different species. The Sit has been a great way to draw attention to the Parks Wild Bird Garden, installed in 2009, and encourage park patrons who use the park for its other amenities to also view the park as a good place to bird, and to learn more about birds in general...

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Middle River Merlins

Circle Captain: Russ Titus

Circle Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida (United States)

terrible conditions! Merlin and kestrel appear to be back for the winter. Lovebird was a new exotic for the neighborhood.

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Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary

Circle Captain: Jim Dolan

Circle Location: Canfield, Ohio (United States)

An excellent group of birders and a beautiful day.

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Monte Mucho Audubon Society

Circle Captain: Susan Foster

Circle Location: Laredo, Texas (United States)

Male and female White-collared Seedeaters perched in a tree on a cane island and one juvenile. Seven Woodstorks flew right over us. Missed out on many common birds due to the weather but managed a good number in just a few hours...

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Mosquito Fodder

Circle Captain: Chris Barrigar

Circle Location: Dorena, Missouri (United States)

Of the 58 species observed from within the circle, 31 species were observed prior to 7:30 a.m. at which point only 3-5 new species trickled in every half hour excluding a 1 hour drought from 11:00-12:00 p...

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Mudflats Peeps

Circle Captain: Tom Bain

Circle Location: Galena, Ohio (United States)

Stagnant high pressure over our region stalled migration. Few passerines in the area and no feeder birds due to habitat selection for unique Sit. Team positioned over water near exposed mud.

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Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

Circle Captain: Julie West

Circle Location: Cleveland, Ohio (United States)

Between 7:00-7:45am approx 3750 Chimney swifts streamed by overhead. We set a new record of 55 species - previous high was 53 species set in our first year, 2005. We added 6 new species to our cumulative list: Osprey, American kestrel, Gray-checked thrush, Field sparrow, Tennessee warbler, and House sparrow...

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Circle Captain: Norwood Frederick

Circle Location: Ralston, Pennsylvania (United States)

Strange for this area at this time of year were 3 Red-Wing Blackbirds flying NORTH! Watched Ravens & Red-Tail Hawk dive bombing Turkey Vulture.

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Old Coots

Circle Captain: Jeff Bahls

Circle Location: Horicon, Wisconsin (United States)

Warm and sunny and south winds which made for not great birding for most of the day.

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Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

Circle Captain: Jason Lewis

Circle Location: Oak Harbor, Ohio (United States)

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Circle Captain: Steve Minard

Circle Location: Ada Twp, Michigan (United States)

1 Ultralight parasail plane.

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Patuxent Migratory Robbins

Circle Captain: Chandler S. Robbins

Circle Location: Laurel, MD, Maryland (United States)

No migrants flying over pre-dawn. Weather conditions were not conducive for daytime migrants either. Wood Ducks were the species with the largest number or individuals observed (175) followed closely by American Robins (170)...

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Patuxent Research Refuge Vicious Chickadees

Circle Captain: Paul Baicich

Circle Location: Laurel, Maryland (United States)

No surprises, except, perhaps a Yellow-billed Cuckoo seen in the late morning. Vultures and raptors appeared in the afternoon, once it got warmer. We had a nice selection of resident and migrant songbirds.

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Circle Captain: Chris Bennett

Circle Location: Cape Henlopen State , Delaware (United States)

Pre-dawn and post dawn migration was slow to say the least. By sunrise the day's list had barely broken into the teens. And the light of day didn't do much to jumpstart the addition of new species. An American Kestrel coming in off the ocean at 6:30 am was a surprise but even more surprising was the general lack of hawk migration the remainder of the day...

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Pishing in the Wind

Circle Captain: Jim Royer

Circle Location: Los Osos, California (United States)

Persistence paid off as some unexpected birds were tallied. Mike Stiles was not only the most persistent of the counters (starting at 5:30 a.m. and finishing in the dark looking for owls after everyone else had left), he also had the most unexpected bird of the day - a Yellow-headed Blackbird (new for the Elfin Forest) that flew by our birding perch...

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Pondicherry NWR Marsh Hawks

Circle Captain: David Govatski

Circle Location: Pondicherry NWR, New Hampshire (United States)

Mammals Seen: 3 Otter, 2 Beaver, 1 Moose, 1 Red Squirrel and 2 Bats (possibly silver). 1 Bobcat was seen on the walk in. Other Wildlife: 1 Painted Turtle, 6 Eastern Garter Snakes (along trail), 2 Spring Peepers, 1 Red Admiral butterfly, 1 Viceroy butterfly, 1 large Eastern Chain Pickerel fish...

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QVAS Bird Buddies

Circle Captain: Eric Eichorn

Circle Location: Meriden, Connecticut (United States)

4 Moons of Jupiter at 6:02 a.m. First time birds for our 3rd Big Sit were the Wilson's Snipe,Green Heron and Killdeer. Our last sighting as we were leaving was a Bat fly by - Excellent

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Resting Birders

Circle Captain: Randy Hill

Circle Location: Ridgefield, Washington (United States)

A constant supply of geese, mostly cacklers and some white-fronts, with a single flock of dusky Canadas (3 had neck collars); Sandhill Cranes landing or flying by most of the day; a constant supply of Northern Harriers working the marsh, and a peregrine that was present but wouldn't show itself to observers; Greater Yellowlegs were more often heard than seen...

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Circle Captain: John Callow

Circle Location: Great Falls, Virginia (United States)

Merlin in flight turning on a dragonfly in mid-air. An Eastern phoebe that would not pump it's tail for the longest time. A ruby-throated hummingbird that flew right through our group. Early fog probably costed us some warblers...

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SASsy Seawatchers

Circle Captain: Jennifer Rycenga

Circle Location: Pescadero, California (United States)

These were the best birds among our 103 species: RED-NECKED GREBE (1 by Ron Thorn, 2 later in the afternoon) LONG-TAILED DUCK (1 by Ron) BLACK SCOTER (1 male found by Al DeMartini, 1 female in the afternoon by Jennifer Rycenga) HARLEQUIN DUCK (1 male found by Jennifer Rycenga) GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE (2 large flocks - one of 7 in the morning, one of 25 late in the afternoon) BULLER'S SHEARWATER (1 or 2 in the morning, spotted by Ron Thorn) RED PHALAROPE (1 in the lagoon/creek) MARBLED MURRELET (1 calling in the earliest light) LESSER YELLOWLEGS (1 in a small flock with Greater Yellowlegs, mid-afternoon) NUTTALL'S WOODPECKER (1 heard by Cliff Hawley) PURPLE FINCH (not a rarity, but the 100th bird, spotted and ID'd by teamwork at the end of the day)

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Segerstads fyr

Circle Captain: Christian Cederroth

Circle Location: Segerstad, Oland isl, Other (Sweden)

A great day of birding! 63000 Barnacle Geese on migration from the Russian tundra and another 9000 roosting. A Blue Goose among the migrating masses was not counted, status uncertain. 58000 Common Eider passed as well...

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Seminole Sitters

Circle Captain: Faith Jones

Circle Location: Sanford, Florida (United States)

The Seminole Audubon's Big SIT! and All About Birds Day activities were canceled due to forecast of continued heavy rain and wind. I decided to go to our circle location and check out the conditions. It was overcast and damp from previous days rain, but we managed almost an hour in our circle before the rain started...

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Shavers Creek

Circle Captain: Doug Wentzel

Circle Location: Petersburg, Pennsylvania (United States)

A pleasant and relatively quite day. Highlights include a dawn flyover of an American Woodcock and a calling E. Screech owl. A flock of White-throated sparrows kept us company for most of the morning...

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Circle Captain: Don Macneill

Circle Location: Seal Island, Nova Scotia (Canada)

Lots of raptors around which kept the small birds in hiding.

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Silver Sands Sitters

Circle Captain: Stacy Hanks

Circle Location: Milford, Connecticut (United States)

Beautiful day with unseasonably warm temps. So many people walking their dogs that we felt like keeping a dog breed list! Best Bird - Orange-crowned Warbler - A Life List bird for me!

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Sisters Circle

Circle Captain: Sister Marty Dermody

Circle Location: Sisters of Charity M, Ohio (United States)

It was a beautiful morning, with a little fog in the early morning and then clear, cool and beautiful fall day the rest of the day.

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Smok Duck

Circle Captain: Rita Grant

Circle Location: Brooksville, Florida (United States)

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South Meadowlarks

Circle Captain: Neil Zimmerman

Circle Location: Seattle, Washington (United States)

We started out in the rain at 5:30 am in hopes of seeing a Barn Owl hunting the meadow. The fog rolled in and put a damper on that hope. As it got lighter, the fog dissipated and the birds started to show up...

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Sparrow and Sparrows

Circle Captain: Caroline Stafford

Circle Location: rural Rapid City, South Dakota (United States)

Feeders and birdbaths were busy, not a high species count, but quite a number of individuals were actively feeding and bathing.

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St. Marks Spotters/ St. Marks NWR

Circle Captain: Robin Will

Circle Location: St. Marks Lighthouse, Florida (United States)

The rain and wind didn't deter us or the birds (thankfully our viewing platform has a roof, so we didn't have to stand in the rain)! We figured we would get fewer birds this year because of the weather (it was very difficult to bird by ear from the wind rustling through all the nearby palm trees), so we had fewer songbirds, but we still had a great showing of all the typical shorebirds and wading birds...

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Station 43 Big Sit

Circle Captain: Jay Kaplan

Circle Location: South Windsor, Connecticut (United States)

The usual Big Sit location at Station 43 was inaccessible due to high water for September rains. We were forced to move our Sit one half mile to the south. Although we picked up a few sparrow species, the loss of marsh birds and, more importantly, the excitement and anticipation of being in the marsh at dawn, made this year's Sit rather tame compared to others...

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Circle Captain: Connie Zink

Circle Location: Savanna, Illinois (United States)

Very slow day.

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Stone Mtn Hawkeyes

Circle Captain: Trudy Kyler

Circle Location: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania (United States)

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Table Rock

Circle Captain: Scott Stegenga

Circle Location: Pickens, South Carolina (United States)

Counted 24 species by 9:08am; 5 more added in the afternoon.

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Team Balcones

Circle Captain: Laurie Foss

Circle Location: Bertram, Texas (United States)

The downpour in the morning had us considering cancelling, but we stuck it out and ended with a fantastic total for this location. We were surprised at the diversity of woodpeckers. The FOS American Goldfinch was a treat and the Rock Pigeon was a total surprise.

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Team Trout

Circle Captain: Ralph Arnold

Circle Location: Olympia, Washington (United States)

With best friends (Bobo and Colefield), although even with only a fair amount of birds we had a really fun day, which included my wife, Jojo's, catering. We enjoyed the day, (without rain!) on our deck on the edge of Dana Passage, near the southern end of Puget Sound - despite the unusual lack of cooperation of many of our usual friends - our local birds, geese and ducks...

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The Angostura Sitters

Circle Captain: James Mcphee

Circle Location: Algodones, New Mexico (United States)

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the Blackburnian warblers

Circle Captain: Jerald Reb

Circle Location: felton, Delaware (United States)

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The Chris Ellison All-Stars

Circle Captain: Joshua Rose

Circle Location: Plum Island, Massachusetts (United States)

The pool was populated with hordes of Green-winged Teal, Canada Goose, and Black-bellied Plover at various times through the day. Numerous strings of scoters and Sanderlings and mobs of terns and Bonaparte's Gulls streamed by on the ocean all day long...

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The Coops

Circle Captain: Steve Mayo

Circle Location: New Haven, Connecticut (United States)

Unlike out namesake, we are too sedentary and therefore missed many birds in the Park that day, including such gems as Red-headed Woodpecker, Solitary Vireo and Snow Goose, and such commoners as Black-crowned Night Heron, Song Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow, N Cardinal and Great Blue Heron...

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The Cracked Cuckoos

Circle Captain: Candy Mcnamee

Circle Location: Houston, Texas (United States)

In the morning, Janet and I witnessed two Cooper's Hawks working together "herding" the pigeons and then trying to cut off the slow ones. Neither one of us had ever seen Cooper's work together like that...

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The Hawkeyes

Circle Captain: Sam Haskins

Circle Location: Yucaipa, California (United States)

Beautiful day here. Clear with a few puffy clouds. Most birds in a.m. Nothing after 1:00 p.m.

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The Oxbow Meadowlarks

Circle Captain: John Mcmahan

Circle Location: Columbus, Georgia (United States)

Notable misses: Herons and most raptors; however the Osprey (4:50 p.m.) and American Kestrel (9:45 a.m.) flyovers were a real treat. Redemption bird: Eastern Towhee and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher(missed last year)...

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The Tanawha Titmice

Circle Captain: Jim Keighton

Circle Location: Sparta, North Carolina (United States)

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The Turkey Pointers

Circle Captain: Chris Starling

Circle Location: Elk Neck State Park, Maryland (United States)

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The Woodbinoculars

Circle Captain: Rick Sussman

Circle Location: Woodbine, Maryland (United States)

Started the day with an E. Screech Owl, our first of 5 new species. Also added Pine Warbler, Tennessee Warbler, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and Savannah Sparrow. Missed a couple of easy species that can be hit or miss this time of year, but the weather was nice, though a weather front would've been helpful.

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toogoodoo deck

Circle Captain: Bruce Krucke

Circle Location: Yonges island, South Carolina (United States)

It was not very exciting this year. Nothing unusual other than the rose-breasted grosbeak that had been here for several days already. A lot of regulars didn't appear this year for some reasons. This is a quiet time here anyway--summer birds have left and winter birds haven't arrived.

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Circle Captain: Douglas Wood

Circle Location: Tishomingo, Oklahoma (United States)

Lots of new species this year, late migration, nice mixed species flock of warblers really helped.

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Twitching Talons

Circle Captain: Derek Stoner

Circle Location: Hockessin, Delaware (United States)

Best birds include a cooperative Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Black-and-white Warbler, Blue-headed Vireo, and all the woodpeckers except Red-headed. A slower-than-average day for migration, but plenty of variety.

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Under Bridge Sitters

Circle Captain: Ray Scory

Circle Location: Port Orange, Florida (United States)

Fog, ominous gray skies, hurricane force winds and driving sheets of rain pummeled Florida for three days. The storm without a name created havoc and destruction. Coastal towns and low lying communities flooded and felt the shearing power of wind...

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Utah Lakers

Circle Captain: Eric Huish

Circle Location: Provo, Utah (United States)

The Utah Lake Provo Airport Dike Sit Circle was covered from 6:10 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. This was our 10th year participating in the big sit. We were able to see or hear 56 species from our circle this year...

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uvaldecooks birds

Circle Captain: Bob Rasa

Circle Location: Uvalde, Texas (United States)

Not a perfect 24 hours with the strong storms...enjoyed setting up but did not enjoy the extreme light show and violent storm Saturday night...dangerous to say least...San Antonio had a tornado...I had 50 mph winds; strong cloud to ground lightning; and 2" of rain in a five minute period...

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Washtenaw Wingnuts

Circle Captain: Don Chalfant

Circle Location: Whitmore Lake, Michigan (United States)

Highlight: Four owl species: E. Screech, Great Horned, N. Saw-whet, and Barred

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Weslaco RedCrowns

Circle Captain: Huck Hutchens

Circle Location: Weslaco, Texas (United States)

Weather was very good for viewing birds, with some unexpected birds being seen and some that was expected not showing. Some participants came and stayed all day, and some for a few hours. A great time was had by all that participated...

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Wheeler NWR Wingers

Circle Captain: Dwight Cooley

Circle Location: Wheeler NWR, Alabama (United States)

A beautiful, though brisk, windy day. Limited nocturnal migration. The most memorable event was the intense bird activity before and two hours after sunrise. Only seven new species recorded after noon.

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Wing Nuts

Circle Captain: Angie Holt

Circle Location: Norman, Oklahoma (United States)

Extreme drought led to a change in location as the water's edge shifted several hundred yards from last year. Welcome rain fell throughout the day, with a sustained deluge finally driving the sitters away at 2:15...

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Wings Over Wastewater

Circle Captain: Ted Drozdowski

Circle Location: Arlington, Texas (United States)

This was Fort Worth Audubon’s fifth year participating in the Big Sit! It will largely be remembered as a washout. Ten brave souls took a thorough soaking on Sunday at the Village Creek Drying Beds in Arlington, TX...

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Circle Captain: Chuck Young

Circle Location: Galesburg, Illinois (United States)

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