The Big Sit! 2018 Statistics

These statistics reflect information submitted by reporting circles. As teams continue to report their Big Sit! results, the statistics on this page will change to reflect up-to-the-minute information.

State Species Sightings (South Dakota, United States)

  1. Downy Woodpecker Picoides pubescens
  2. Black-capped Chickadee Poecile atricapillus
  3. Brown Creeper Certhia americana
  4. Ruby-crowned Kinglet Regulus calendula
  5. Hermit Thrush Catharus guttatus
  6. American Robin Turdus migratorius
  7. House Sparrow Passer domesticus
  8. Yellow-rumped Warbler Setophaga coronata
  9. Fox Sparrow Passerella iliaca
  10. Song Sparrow Melospiza melodia
  11. White-throated Sparrow Zonotrichia albicollis
  12. Harris's Sparrow Zonotrichia querula
  13. Dark-eyed Junco Junco hyemalis
  14. Northern Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis
  15. Mourning Dove Zenaida macroura
  16. White-breasted Nuthatch Sitta carolinensis

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