BWD Subshare Program

Raise Money with the BWD Subshare Program

If you help promote our publications (Bird Watcher’s Digest and/or Watching Backyard Birds), we’ll help you raise money for your bird club or organization!

We help you get started by providing promotional resources, including:

  • Text and logos to put on your website
  • A promotional flyer
  • A two-color promotional ad for print
  • A link on our website that tracks your fundraising progress

Each time you sell a subscription, we’ll return 50% of the earnings to your club, festival, or organization (applies to NEW, 1-year subscriptions only). We will send you a check with your earnings on a quarterly basis. It’s a great way to earn extra money for new projects!

Our partnership with your club/festival/organization saves us money in marketing dollars – money that we’d prefer to share with a birding group than a commercial marketing agency. This is just one way we hope to broaden our connection to you, your members, and the worldwide birding community. Contact us if you have any questions about our subshare program.


What Happens After I Sign Up?

Once we process your application, we will send you a link and tracking code identifying subscription orders generated from your website. You may promote your fundraiser with one of our specially designed web graphics, or use your own text and images.

Your organization will be listed on the “Subshare Partners” page on our website. Your group’s name will be hyperlinked to our subscription form with your unique tracking code so that you can receive proper credit. We recommend that you place this link on your printed promotional materials so that your members can easily subscribe online (phone orders are fine, too!)

But please don’t send people to this link from your website, as that may create too many annoying clicks for your members. Instead, use our HTML coding sample which sends them directly from your website to our subscription form!

Remember, the key to success of this promotion is ADVERTISING! People will notice your fundraiser when you promote it at meetings, on your website, in your newsletters, and in other mailings.

Already a Partner?

Make sure your organization gets credit for your members’ subscriptions by using the link we provided.

Find your club, organization, or festival and sign up for BWD today! Remember, 50% of the subscription price will be returned directly to your group!

Have more questions?
Contact our Circulation Director by e-mail or
by phone at
(800) 879-2473 (Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 EST).

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