Presenting “Death of a Flycatcher,” a Short Story Series!

Presenting “Death of a Flycatcher,” a new short story exclusively for BirdWire readers!

Christine Goff is the award-winning author of international thrillers as well as the Birdwatcher’s Mystery series. A Parliament of Owls, the sixth novel in that series, was released last year. BirdWire is thrilled and proud to offer a new, serialized work of fiction to our readers. Let us know what you think!

“The Birdwatcher’s Mysteries are a series of traditional mysteries with a cast of bird-watching characters. They offer a fun read with a great cast of characters, some murder and mayhem, and just a little information,” Goff posted on her website, “One thing I’ve learned is that what happens to the birds is often a sign of what’s happening in our culture, both in regards to taking care of the environment and taking care of each other. Each book looks at an environmental theme: A Rant Of Ravens deals with the illegal trading of peregrine falcons to the Middle East; Death Of Songbird focuses on the coffee industry and the effects on migratory songbirds; A Nest In The Ashes features fire and the effects on habitat; Death Takes A Gander address the issues of poisons in the environment; and A Sacrifice Of Buntings is all about turf wars.”

A lifelong backyard bird watcher, Goff’s research for the Birdwatcher’s Mystery required her to canoe the Rio Grand and the Okefenokee Swamp, to sail the islands of Maine, walk through the jungles of Hawaii, see the shorebirds of Alaska, discover secret bird sanctuaries in Mexico, and hike the Colorado Rockies. En route, she became a serious birder, ever lengthening her life list. Look for the Birdwatcher Mystery series in print and as digital, in bookstores both brick and online.

Upon publication in BirdWire, each installment of Death of a Flycatcher will be posted at

Let us know what you think about including this work of serial fiction in BirdWire! Send your comments to [email protected].

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