Keel-billed Toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus) in Costa Rica. Photo by Ttschleuder, Wikimedia Commons.

Budget Birding in Panama

Have you dreamed of trekking through the rainforest pursuing parrots and puffbirds, but dismissed the idea because of cost? If so, you should consider the Gamboa Rainforest Resort (GRR), a budget birder's paradise. This six-year-old birding hotspot remains undiscovered by bird watchers who instead opt for a weeklong guided tour at Panama's popular Canopy Tower. But the sparkling GRR nearby offers neophytes and avian experts alike the opportunity to experience 340 acres of bird nirvana on the cheap, in comfort, at their own pace. The cost is about one-third what Canopy Tower charges. You pay for everything separately—airfare, lodging, and meals. Finding the birds is easy and free!
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