Birding Florida

Florida is a unique place for birds and birding in the United States. Projecting as it does into the Gulf of Mexico, it provides a natural funnel through which millions of migratory birds pass each year either on their way to wintering grounds in the Caribbean and Central America or on their way back to breeding grounds in the United States and Canada. This phenomenon can be witnessed at key migration watch points throughout the state, mainly at coastal sites in the spring and inland sites in the fall.

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  • Florida Birding Hotspots

Current Feature

Green heron by Mike Blevins

Birding State Parks in Florida

BWD contributor Angela Minor is on a mission to find the best birding in Florida's state parks! Find her recommendations for birding—and more—at state parks across the state.
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  • Birds of Florida

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Mangrove cuckoo photo by / Wikimedia

10 Highlight Birds in Florida

Here are ten bird species that make birding in Florida exciting and special. Of course there are hundreds of other species to see, so don’t stop with just these ten!
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