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Bird watching in Louisiana is great year ‘round, since it is influenced by both temperate and tropical air masses, attracting a wide assortment of Nearctic, Neotropical, and tropical species. It is one of the wettest states, with lakes, rivers, bayous, swamps, and marshes, which lure shorebirds, waterfowl, and other migrants, many of which overwinter. Louisiana’s ecoregions include more than marsh and swamps; its northwest is dominated by shortleaf pine-oak-hickory forests, and its central region, both east and west of the Mississippi River valley, is longleaf pine forest. Diverse habitats mean diverse birds, and the state boasts more than 470 documented bird species.

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Sunset over Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana. Photo by USFWS.

Ten Bird Watching Hotspots in Louisiana

Louisiana’s bird list is fairly impressive for a state its size. On the other hand, about 25 percent of that list comprises rare migratory birds from the far north, western U.S., and tropical Americas, most of which have been recorded only a dozen or fewer times. The main attraction associated with bird watching in Louisiana, then, consists of large gatherings of birds that occur in various places and at various times of the year. Check out a list of top hotspots where you can find some of the best birding that the state has to offer!
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Tricolored Heron photo by Francesco Veronesi / Wikimedia

10 Highlight Birds in Louisiana

Here are ten bird species that make birding in Louisiana exciting and special. Of course there are hundreds of other species to see, so don’t stop with just these ten!
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