Birding Virginia

As a mid-Atlantic state, the geographic location of Virginia makes it one of the more interesting places to watch birds. From the sandy coastline of the beaches to the sharp ridges of the Appalachians, there is a wide variety of habitat. The capital, Richmond, is about halfway between the borders of Maine and Florida, and, as might be expected, some species reach their northernmost extension here, whereas others are at the southern edge of their range. Bachman’s sparrow, more often associated with pine plantations and scrubby fields of the southern United States, is occasionally seen in Virginia, and the purple finch, state bird of New Hampshire, breeds at higher elevations in the mountains.

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  • Virginia Birding & Nature Festivals

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BWD Festival Finder

During the peak of bird migration, there's nothing more exciting than attending a birding festival. The birds are spectacular and the people are great. If you haven't tried a festival yet, this is a must-do for next season! Use BWD's Birding and Nature Festival Finder to help you select from the many available in special areas all over the country.
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  • Virginia Birding Hotspots

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A flock of marbled godwits. Photo by William H. Majoros / Wikimedia.

Ten Bird Watching Hotspots in Virginia

Every state has its top hotspots. Here are ten that we picked out for Virginia. Your Top Ten list may vary, but it doesn’t matter as long as we all get to go birding, right?
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  • Birds of Virginia

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Glossy ibis, photo by Cassandra Thomas / Wikimedia

10 Highlight Birds in Virginia

Here are ten bird species that make birding in Virginia exciting and special. Of course there are hundreds of other species to see, so don’t stop with just these ten!
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