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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in supporting BirdLife International’s efforts through the Champions of the Flyway bird race, to stop the illegal killing of birds along the Mediterranean flyway. The race takes place on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 in Eilat, Israel.

Bird Watcher’s Digest is pleased to support this effort by co-sponsoring a Champions team, the Way-off Coursers. Coursers team captain (and BWD editor/publisher) Bill Thompson, III, has written a song for this year’s Champions of the Flyway event, called “River of Birds in the Sky.”

He recorded the song with his band mates in The Rain Crows and a handful of musician friends—all of whom are birders!

To enhance the reach of the song, Bill and the teams from BirdLife International and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel have produced an accompanying video highlighting the plight of migratory birds. Filmmakers Yuval Dax, and Lori and Josh Crook worked together to create the “River of Birds” video, with contributions from many of the past and present Champions of the Flyway teams.

We hope you enjoy the song and video, which are available for free here for your listening and viewing pleasure. A download (mp3 file) of the song is available for a donation of $0.99, with all proceeds going directly to the 2016 Champions of the Flyway cause, through BirdLife International. The song lyrics are available in pdf format.

Buy the Song and Donate Now »

If you’d like to make a more generous and significant donation, please visit the Way-off Coursers’ JustGiving page on the Champions of the Flyways website.

Thank you so much for your support and contribution. With your help, we’ll stop the illegal killing of migratory birds in Greece and all along the Mediterranean flyway.

You can follow the Champions of the Flyway bird race on social media via the following tags:

Twitter: @flywaychampions, @billofthebirds, @bwdmag

And on Facebook: Champions of the Flyway

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