McGregor Marsh

McGregor Marsh
Located from McGregor 2 miles S on MN Hwy 65 on E side of highway
McGregor, Minnesota 55760
Phone: Telephone the MN DNR at (651) 296-6157 or 888-MINN-DNR

McGregor Marsh is an extensive marshland in the former bed of the glacial Lake Aitkin. It contains the specific habitat requirements for the yellow rail and the Nelson’s sharp-tailed sparrow, two highly sought-after species for Minnesota bird watchers.

This sedge marsh is the most consistent spot in Minnesota to see and hear the yellow rails that nest there. The sound of this bird, like that of two small stones being tapped together, can be heard at night.  June is the best time to see and hear the yellow rail. It would be a good idea to come equipped with both a strong spotlight and strong mosquito repellent.

McGregor is a good place to search for other birds such as American bittern, Le Conte’s, swamp, and Savannah sparrows, sedge and marsh wrens, Wilson’s snipe, and bobolink.

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