Riverlands Environmental Demonstration Area

Riverlands Environmental Demonstration Area
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Rivers Project Office
301 Riverlands Way
West Alton, Missouri 63386
Phone: 636-899-2600

This area in St. Charles County is 1,200 acres of former cropland that has been restored to flooded lowlands, prairie, and bottomland forest and marsh. It is easily reached from Interstate 270 in North St. Louis County. Exit at Missouri Highway 367, which will merge with U.S. 67. Two miles after crossing the Missouri River, turn right onto Riverland Way.

Possibly no place in the Midwest can match Riverlands and adjacent Alton Dam and Locks area for water birds. As many as 18 gull species have been seen here, including slaty-backed, glaucous-winged, and Ross’ Gulls. The rarity list includes jaegers, loons, neotropical cormorant, wood stork, surf scoter, purple gallinule, smew, harlequin duck, and Barrow’s goldeneye, among others. Every day is an adventure here. In addition, you are almost sure to see Eurasian tree sparrows in the underbrush. A scope makes water bird viewing easier here as one scans the flotillas of birds on the rivers and pools.

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