Williamsport Lakes

Williamsport Lakes
Located 8.5 mi. northwest of Columbia on Hwy 50
Columbia, Tennessee 38487

The six lakes and forests and fields of this state wildlife management area cover 1,850 acres. Managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the site is being reclaimed from its former use as a phosphate mining operation. The results have been the creation of a prime bird and wildlife watching area. Two of the lakes are wetlands and no fishing is allowed. In fall and winter, ducks, including blue-winged teal, mallard, and ring-necked, are in good number, and the fields hold many species of sparrow. Song, field, white-throated, and white-crowned sparrows are here and grasshopper and Henslow’s can be found. In summer, nesting yellow-breasted chat, prairie warbler, indigo bunting, and American goldfinch are a feast for the senses. Roads through the complex provide easy access. The Natchez Trace Parkway is only 2 miles away and provides a wonderful birding drive in either direction.

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