Baltimore oriole by Tammy Simmons.

Essential Tips for Summer Bird Feeding

Bird feeding is a rewarding pursuit—for us and the birds!—that can be enjoyed year-round. Whether you're offering sugar water to hummingbirds, suet cakes to woodpeckers, or mealworms to insectivores like bluebirds, the heat and humidity of summer can adversely affect the offerings at your feeding station. Follow these tips to ensure the health and safety of your backyard visitors.
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An acrobatic squirrel reaches for a backyard feeder. Photo by Shutterstock.

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As insect-eaters, bluebirds are attracted by mealworms. Photo by Bill Thompson, III.

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Winter birds stop at a heated dog dish to drink and bathe. Photo by Julie Zickefoose.

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Dark-eyed junco, red-breasted nuthatch, and American goldfinches swung by my yard during a recent snowstorm. Photo by Kelly Ball.

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My favorite yard bird, the Carolina chickadee, about to depart with its quarry. Photo by Kelly Ball

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American goldfinches flock at backyard thistle feeders. Photo by Randall Sholten.

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Ruby-throated hummingbird (male). Photo by Bill Thompson, III

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A male American goldfinch visits a backyard feeder. Photo kindly contributed by Todd Smith.

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