Black-throated Green Warbler

Look For
It’s the golden face patch and black throat that are the most noticeable features on the male black-throated green warbler. Only after seeing these field marks do you notice the green upper back, white wing bars, and olive lines around the eyes. Females lack the black throat. In flight, white outer tail feathers are obvious.

Listen For
Two typical versions of the black-throated green warbler’s song are zee-zee-zee-zee-zee-zoo-zee! and zooo-zeee-zoozoo-zeee! Both are buzzy and both jump between two distinct notes. Call is a thin, sharp tchet!

Many birders refer to this species by the nickname BTG. This is far easier to say than the bird’s entire name.

One unique phrase used by some birders to remember the BTG’s song is Trees, trees, murmuring trees.

Find It
Black-throated green warblers nest in coniferous forests and at higher elevations in eastern mountains. This species is a common spring and fall migrant throughout the East, occurring in any wooded habitat.

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