Black-Throated Gray Warbler

Look For

Bold black-and-white pattern of the adult male black-throated gray warbler’s head and the gray back suggest a chickadee. Has heavily streaked chest and flanks and white wing bars. Between the eye and bill is a small spot of yellow. Adult female has a white throat.

Listen For

Song is buzzy and rising: zeedle-zeedle-zeedle-zeezee or Don’t ya think I look so pretty? Call is a strong tchup.


This is the only western warbler that appears to be all black and white.

Find it:

Common in summer in oak, oak-juniper, and pine woods in the foothills of western mountains. Forages low in vegetation. May join mixed-species flocks in migration.


This western warbler occasionally shows up in the East, heating up the rare-bird alerts.

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