Owlets by Marilyn Rhodes

Presenting Murmurations, a Short Story Series!

Presenting "Murmurations," a new short story exclusively for BirdWire readers! Christine Goff is the award-winning author of international thrillers as well as the Birdwatcher's Mystery series. A Parliament of Owls, the sixth novel in that series, was released earlier this year. BirdWire is thrilled and proud to offer a new, serialized work of fiction to our readers as an experiment.
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American goldfinches flock at backyard thistle feeders. Photo by Randall Sholten.

Murmurations, Part I »

A congregation of crows. Photo by Tom Harpel from Seattle, Washington, United States / Wikimedia Commons.

Murmurations, Part II »

Northern flicker at feeder by Susan Davis

Murmurations, Part III »

Female mallard with ducklings. Photo by Niels Menke / Wikimedia.

Murmurations, Part IV »

Clark's Nutcracker

Murmurations, Part V »

Great-horned owl. Photo by Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren  / Wikimedia.

Murmurations, Part VI »

Black-billed magpie. Photo by Rocky Mountain National Park / Wikimedia.

Murmurations, Part VII »

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