Pocket Binoculars 2018 Buyers Guide

Small can be beautiful when it comes to binoculars, and bigger is not necessarily better. If you’re aiming to travel light, or want to strap a binocular to your arm when you go for a jog, or want optics that will fit in your car’s glove compartment, pocket binoculars might fill the bill. Think of them as grab-and-go optics: small, light, and convenient.

Article Highlights

  • Handy chart organizing the binoculars into three groups: High End ($527 to $819), Mid Priced ($140 to $299), and Low Priced ($70 to $99). See how they all compare at a glance!
  • Individual reviews of top 10 binoculars.
  • Reports on rigorous, side-by-side testing that included optical quality, ergonomics, weight, design, and more—so prospective buyers can make an informed decision.

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