Episode 68: Observing Nesting Urban Owls with Chris Brinkman

Posted on Mon, 18 May 2020 | Episode Duration: 46 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode 68: Observing Nesting Urban Owls with Chris Brinkman

Springtime is nesting time! In this episode, BWD’s advertising sales director, Kelly Ball, interviews wildlife conservation photographer Chris Brinkman, who follows local nesting urban owls—particularly barred owls and great-horned owls—in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

In 2019, Chris stood vigil by newly fledged baby barred owls in a Columbus neighborhood ravine, educating curious passersby. This is how Kelly met Chris; later that spring, they combined efforts, with the support of Ohio Wildlife Rescue, to aid an adult male barred owl after he was injured. Chris shares what he’s learned after several years of observing and photographing nesting urban owls; how and when to re-nest baby owls; and why he decided to put down his camera and spend several hours daily watching a baby great-horned owl in his review mirror.

BONUS FEATURE: About 40 minutes into the episode, a female barred owl chimes in with an ascending hoot as Chris discusses his travels in South Africa.

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