Episode 65: Sean Dooley: Saving Birds and Habitat in Australia

Posted on Wed, 19 Feb 2020 | Episode Duration: 56 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode 65: Sean Dooley: Saving Birds and Habitat in Australia

Sean Dooley is the National Public Affairs Manager for Birdlife Australia. His book, The Big Twitch, written in 2005, covers his 2002 attempt to break the Australian “Twitching” record by seeing more than 700 birds in a single year. He is the former record holder for Australian Big Year Twitching.

Sean lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has seen firsthand the devastating fires that Americans have been following with great concern in the media. According to Sean, the extent of loss is now 12.2 million hectares, which equates to more than 30 million acres—an area larger than the state of Pennsylvania!

Wendy Clark, president of Bird Watcher’s Digest and host of Out There with the Birds, met Sean in 2015, and they’ve been good friends since. Sean took time in January to talk with Wendy about what it’s like to be a conservationist in Australia at this critical time; how the birds and bird habitats are faring with the destruction; and most importantly, how Americans can provide real support for this country in crisis.

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