Episode 73: LGBTQ Birders of North America

Posted on Thu, Jul 23 2020 | Episode Duration: 54 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode #73: LGBTQ Birders of North America

In late 2019, BWD publisher Wendy Clark chatted with Jennifer Rycenga, Raymond VanBuskirk, and Michael Retter—all avid birders and members of the group QBNA (LGBTQ Birders of North America). The QBNA’s mission is to facilitate communication among LGBTQ birders and their allies in North America and Hawaii. Join host Wendy Clark, Jennifer, Raymond, and Michael for this “pre-COVID,” candid conversation about QBNA, diversity, and how a shared love of birds, birders, and birding can unify all people around the world.

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