Episode 75: An Interview with Christina Baal

Posted on Fri, 21 Aug 2020 | Episode Duration: 53 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode 75: An Interview with Christina Baal

Artist, birder, and all-around amazing human Christina Baal joined host Wendy Clark for a wonderful talk about birding and the arts. Christina shares her personal story of an early love of art and nature and how that grew into her present-day artistic platform, Drawing 10,000 Birds. Christina speaks candidly, sharing stories about how birding, birders, and birds have lifted her heart—and her art—to new heights. We are proud to present Christina Baal as our November/December 2020 cover artist for Bird Watcher’s Digest. We know that you will find her as colorful and unique as the art she shares with the world. Join Wendy and Christina as they discuss how art, nature, and the power of birding in the time of COVID can bring much-needed peace and joy to our lives.

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