Episode 76: An Interview with George Armistead

Posted on Fri, 04 Sep 2020 | Episode Duration: 42 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode 76: An Interview with George Armistead

George Armistead is many things: pro birder, author, tour leader, marketer, and tolerant of jalapeños as a pizza topping. After earning a master’s degree in environmental studies, George, a native Philadelphian, opted out of a consulting career and began his birding journey. In this episode, host Kelly Ball and George revisit his birding career spectrum: from professional guide on birding trips, to book author, to founder of BirdPhilly, an informal birding group to encourage people to discover the City of Brotherly Love’s birds. Come for the stories and stay for the speed round of questions at the end to hear how George was foiled by a bristle-thighed curlew in 2002.

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