Episode 78: An Interview with Dr. David Bird

Posted on Fri, 02 Oct 2020 | Episode Duration: 40 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode 78: An Interview with Dr. David Bird

David Bird has written the Bird Behavior column in Bird Watcher’s Digest since 1995. He’s well qualified: Recently retired, he was a professor of biology and wildlife management at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and researched kestrels, Cooper’s hawks, and other raptors extensively. He’s written or edited eight books on birds, and published countless academic articles. In 2017, he was awarded Canada’s most prestigious award for lifetime contributions to ornithology. More recently, he’s become an authority on the use of drones for research, including on nesting birds. In this episode of Out There With the Birds, BWD editor Dawn Hewitt asks Professor Bird whether his name had anything to do with his career choice—as well as about his lifetime of learning about birds.

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