Episode 81: The Terra Project

Posted on Fri, 20 Nov 2020 | Episode Duration: 51 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode 81: The Terra Project

Wendy Clark, Publisher of Bird Watcher’s Digest, recently talked with Scott Whittle and Mike Lanzone about the TERRA PROJECT, a cutting-edge development in data tracking and wildlife conservation. You may know Scott Whittle as a birding expert and author of The Warbler ID Guide, The Warbler App, and Birdgenie. Mike Lanzone is also a birding expert. He is the founder and CEO of CTT, a leading manufacturer in the field of wildlife trackers. Mike is a life-long birder and naturalist with a strong vision for the role of technology in conservation.

The TERRA is a device, a project, and a network. The device prototype has already been developed and is a compact, weatherproof device with a mic and radio tracker that wirelessly connects to your home, listening and identifying the nature around you while contributing to a massive conservation network. It is affordable, easy to use, and could affect conservation in unprecedented ways. Join Wendy, Scott, and Mike in their conversation about this fascinating project and learn more about how we can all become part of the global TERRA NETWORK.

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