Episode 83: An Interview with Ben Lizdas

Posted on Fri, 18 Dec 2020 | Episode Duration: 41 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode 83: An Interview with Ben Lizdas

Ben Lizdas is a familiar name in the global birding community. Having spent 16 years at Eagle Optics, nearly three years with Bird Watcher’s Digest/Redstart Birding, and now working with Swarovski Optik North America, Ben has a unique perspective on birds, birding optics, and the birding community. If you’ve been following Out There with the Birds since its inception, you may also know that Ben was the original co-host of this podcast alongside the late Bill Thompson, III.

In August 2020 Wendy Clark met with Ben in his hometown of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin to learn more about what he’s been doing since he left BWD back in March 2019, and to discuss the exciting new Swarovski NL Pure which was just launching at that time. Join Ben and Wendy as they reminisce about Ben’s time at BWD, and all things birds and birding.

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