Episode 88: Alvaro Jaramillo, the Bird ID Guru

Posted on Fri, 05 Mar 2021 | Episode Duration: 48 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode 88: Alvaro Jaramillo, the Bird ID Guru

Alvaro Jaramillo is among the best in the world at bird ID, and regular readers of Bird Watcher’s Digest know him from the Identify Yourself column. His knowledge of birds is deep and wide, but his advice and insights are accessible for birders of all skill levels, and he’s a fun, sweet guy. In this episode of Out There with the Birds, Bird Watcher’s Digest editor Dawn Hewitt chats with Alvaro about how nature and birds snagged him when he was a kid, as well as some of his remarkable accomplishments, and his Zen philosophy of birding that he says improves his ID skills. Fans and regular readers of BWD might be surprised at some of the stories Alvaro shares in this conversation.

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