Episode 90: Bruce Wunderlich, Master of Birdtography

Posted on Fri, 2 Apr 2021 | Episode Duration: 37 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode 90: Bruce Wunderlich, Master of Birdtography

If you have admired the appearance of Bird Watcher’s Digest, it is Bruce Wunderlich, our production director, who should get the credit. Bruce lays out each issue of BWD and its sister publication, Watching Backyard Birds, places the ads and photos, builds the table of contents, and otherwise assembles each issue. He is also a professional and award-winning bird photographer, and many of his magnificent photos appear on the pages of both magazines. He also contributes the Birdtography column in each issue of BWD. Listen in as BWD editor Dawn Hewitt interviews her colleague and friend in this episode of Out There with the Birds.

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