Episode 94: Reader Rendezvous, Part I

Posted on Fri, 11 Jun 2021 | Episode Duration: 56 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode 94: Reader Rendezvous, Part I

Did you know that Bird Watcher’s Digest leads bird watching tours for our friends and subscribers all around the world? Our Reader Rendezvous Birding Tours began in 2014 and quickly evolved into a beloved experience for our staff members, our magazine columnists, and our attendees. In this podcast episode, Kelly Ball interviews Wendy Clark, who helped develop the Reader Rendezvous Tours from the beginning. They discuss how and why we started our tours, what happened with the tours during the COVID-19 crisis, and how our tours are revitalized and moving forward in a post-COVID era. Join Kelly and Wendy as they reminisce about birding with Bill Thompson III, hilariously funny Rendezvous stories, and the heart of our mission that continues to drive us onward: Birding Is Better with Friends!

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