Episode 69: Three Fabulous Birding Festivals

Posted on Wed, 28 Jun 2017 | Episode Duration: 42 minutes, 28 seconds

Bill chats with the organizers of three successful—and very different—annual birding festivals in the U.S.: the Acadia Birding Festival in Maine, the New River Birding & Nature Festival in West Virginia, and the San Diego Bird Festival in California. Learn what’s special about each festival and why birders choose to attend them.

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  • Michael J. Good

    The festival started the winter of 1997 through the efforts of Bar Harbor ornithologist and business owner, Michael Good, the festivals founder. In 2008, we changed the name from “Warblers and Wildflowers Festival” to “Acadia Birding Festival”. 2008 was the first public appearance of Pete Dunne from Cape May Bird Observatory.

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