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Episode 100: True Nature: The 100-Year Perspective of Frank M. Chapman by Julie Zickefoose

Posted on Mon, 14 Aug 2017 | Episode Duration: 10 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode 100: True Nature: The 100-Year Perspective of Frank M. Chapman by Julie Zickefoose

He established the first federal bird sanctuary, originated the Christmas Bird Count, and was a pioneer in writing field guides, but many birders are unfamiliar with Frank M. Chapman. Columnist Julie Zickefoose takes a look at how birds and habitats have changed since publication of Chapman's Bird Life: A Guide to the Study of Our Common Birds.

Episode 99: Identify Yourself: Getting It Wrong by Alvaro Jaramillo

Posted on Mon, 14 Aug 2017 | Episode Duration: 14 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode 99: Identify Yourself: Getting It Wrong by Alvaro Jaramillo

From novices to experts, all birders muff an ID now and then, and such mistakes can be a useful learning tool. Bird ID guru Alvaro Jaramillo explains how getting it wrong can sharpen your birding skills.

Episode 98: I Don't Know Who Let the Dogs Out, But I Let the Bird In by Al Batt

Posted on Mon, 14 Aug 2017 | Episode Duration: 6 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode 98: I Don't Know Who Let the Dogs Out, But I Let the Bird In by Al Batt

To the superstitious, a bird that flies into the house through a door or window portends death. Comedienne Lucille Ball was said to suffer "ornithophobia." But to funnyman Al Batt and his cat Purl, a bird in the house is like winning the lottery.

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Episode 97: True Nature: Puzzle Pieces by Julie Zickefoose
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Episode 93: Identify Yourself: Mergansers by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 92: Do You Know the Way to San Jose Sewage Ponds? by Al Batt
Episode 91: True Nature: Just Birding by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 90: Identify Yourself: Nuthatches by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 89: Nobody Expects the Birdish Inquisition by Al Batt
Episode 88: Vulture Exodus: End of December Days by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 87: Brewer's and Rusty Blackbirds by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 86: Birding with a Mouthful of Much Obliged by Al Batt
Episode 85: True Nature: Who Kills the Killer? by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 84: ID Yourself: Going Nutty with Loons by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 83: A Gentle Pelican Breeze Blew Across the Lake by Al Batt
Episode 82: True Nature: A Gift, Hurled from the Other Side by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 81: Identify Yourself: Take Note of Taking Notes by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 80: Why I Wear a Safety Helmet While Birding by Al Batt
Episode 79: Larry Barth: It's the Thought that Counts by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 78: ID Yourself: Yellowlegs by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 77: Desperately Seeking Ouzel by Al Batt
Episode 76: BinoKiller by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 75: A Birder Is as Cool as a Frozen Cucumber by Al Batt
Episode 74: ID Yourself: Sparrows in the Buff by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 73: True Nature: Grand Canyon Solitaire by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 72: Snowy Al by Al Batt
Episode 71: ID Yourself: Cormorants by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 70: True Nature: Birds and the Nature of Beauty by Juile Zickefoose
Episode 69: Dude! Where's My Spark Bird? by Al Batt
Episode 68: Identify Yourself: Brown Ducks Are Not Dull by Alvaro Jaramilo
Episode 67: True Nature: Mentors in Disguise by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 66: Hatched on the Bayou by Al Batt
Episode 65: ID Yourself: The Tanagers of Summer by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 64: Peg the Survivor by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 63: Ten Thousand Hours is a Long Bus Ride by Al Batt
Episode 62: Fledglings by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 61: Saying Nothing Has an Echo by Al Batt
Episode 60: Note to Self: Be Less Snarky by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 59: Here's Looking at You, Bird by Al Batt
Episode 58: ID Yourself: In Praise of Patch Birding by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 57: Not an Eagle Falls... by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 56: A Little Bird Told Me by Al Batt
Episode 55: ID Yourself: Bonies, Laughers and Littles by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 54: Fire on the Prairie by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 53: I Come in Peace, Take Me to Your Birder by Al Batt
Episode 52: Falcons by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 51: North Bend State Park by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 50: On the Road to Hibbing, No Fibbing by Al Batt
Episode 49: Everyday Flycatchers by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 48: Reality's Virtue by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 47: The Bird Club of the Air by Al Batt
Episode 46: Sound Advice by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 45: Greenhouse Apocalypse by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 44: Birding with Barney Fife, the Bird Whisperer by Al Batt
Episode 43: Bountiful Birches by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 42: Eagles by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 41: Have You Ever MBS'd? by Al Batt
Episode 40: Not About the Birds and the Bees by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 39: North Dakota Pipit Neck by Al Batt
Episode 38: Finding a Rare Bird by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 37: A Dove Named Frankenstein by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 36: Chickens and Buses and Grouse: Oh My! by Al Batt
Episode 35: Complete Tern Around by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 34: July's Three-ring Circus by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 33: Shorebird ID by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 32: Wild Kingdom by Al Batt
Episode 31: The Hunter/Gatherer/Birder Ape by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 30: Confusing Fall Warblers by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 29: A Naturalist's Rosetta Stone by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 28: Finch Fiesta! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 27: South African Safari, Part II by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 26: Honk If You Like Geese! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 25: South African Safari, Part I by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 24: Reference Species by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 23: Loon Rescue by Facebook by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 22: Thrush Spotting by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 21: Uneasy Rider by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 20: The White Paper on Egrets by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 19: Ten Junes on the Prairie by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 18: The Skinny on Rails by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 17: Chickadees--Tough Customers by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 16: The Name Game by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 15: Winter Birding--Dead, Until It's Not by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 14: Owls in Black and White by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 13: A Robin Goes to School by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 12: Eating Crow--and Ravens! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 11: On Shaded Plantations by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 10: Hawking Advice by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 9: Rocking Redbelly by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 8: Five Tips to Make You Better at Bird ID by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 7: Mayhem by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 6: Warblerpalooza by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 5: Birding Presque Isle County, Michigan by Jim McCormac
Episode 4: Birding on the Run by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 3: Bold Pioneers by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 2: The Egalitarian Gardener by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 1: My Enormous Egg by Julie Zickefoose

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