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Episode 170: True Nature: Lean Times for Fat Fans, by Julie Zickefoose

Posted on Fri, 19 Nov 2021 | Episode Duration: 7 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode 170: True Nature: Lean Times for Fat Fans, by Julie Zickefoose

Raw, unprocessed suet is nearly impossible to find these days, so columnist Julie Zickefoose improvises with fat scraps to keep her woodpeckers fueled.

Episode 169: Identify Yourself: Gee-whiz Stories, by Alvaro Jaramillo

Posted on Fri, 19 Nov 2021 | Episode Duration: 14 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode 169: Identify Yourself: Gee-whiz Stories, by Alvaro Jaramillo

Bird ID expert Alvaro Jaramillo explores how sexes can differ greatly within bird species, and the interesting biology behind these differences.

Episode 168: The Temperature Was Measured in Profanities, by Al Batt

Posted on Fri, 19 Nov 2021 | Episode Duration: 9 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode 168: The Temperature Was Measured in Profanities, by Al Batt

When it comes to Christmas Bird Counts, humorist Al Batt will shiver up an earthquake in Minnesota to experience the joy that only a CBC can bring.

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Episode 164: True Nature: Vulture Nannies, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 163: Identify Yourself: The Warbling Vireo, by Alvaro Jaramillo
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Episode 161: True Nature: A Cuckoo's Farewell, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 160: The Quick Brown Field Sparrow Jumps Over the Waxwing, by Al Batt
Episode 159: True Nature: Waking Up to Brants, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 158: Identify Yoursef: Get Ready for Warblers, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 157: True Nature: Access Is Everything, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 156: Identify Yourself: Long-eared Owls, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 155: My Little Chickadee, by Al Batt
Episode 154: True Nature: The Naturalist's Dilemma, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 153: Identify Yourself: The Big-head Divers, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 152: Constantly Counting Chickadees, by Al Batt
Episode 151: True Nature: Return of the Redtail, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 150: Identify Yourself: Orange-crowned Warblers, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 149: I Wanted to Have a Chat with a Chat, by Al Batt
Episode 148: True Nature: Where the Musician Wren Sings, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 147: Identify Yourself: Online Imagery, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 146: Gulls are the Original Larophiles, by Al Batt
Episode 145: True Nature: Once Upon a Fenceline, Part 2, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 144: Identify Yourself: Least (But Not Last) Flycatcher, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 143: If You Look at Chickens, Are You Birding? by Al Batt
Episode 142: True Nature: Once Upon a Fenceline, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 141: Identify Yourself: Brown Warblers, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 140: A Robin Needs Three Snows on its Tail... by Al Batt
Episode 139: True Nature: American Oxpeckers by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 138: Identify Yourself: Oh No! Not the Herring Gull! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 137: The Day a One-winged Pelican Busted My Lip by Al Batt
Episode 136: True Nature: Blue Jay: Vigilance and Intelligence by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 135: Identify Yourself: Identifying the Adorables... by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 134: Merry Melodies and Meadowlark Memories by Al Batt
Episode 133: True Nature: The Divine, Underfoot: Klamath by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 132: Identify Yourself: A Change of Outfits for Shorebirds
Episode 131: Listening to an Enchanted Stump by Al Batt
Episode 130: True Nature: A Bird Watcher Looks at Furry Animals
Episode 129: Identify Yourself: Into the Muck with Marsh and Sedge Wrens
Episode 128: I Should Have Used a Bigger Hammer by Al Batt
Episode 127: True Nature: Good Fences, Good Neighbors by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 126: Identify Yourself: Outfoxed by Sparrows by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 125: It's a Good Day When a Chickadee is Part of It by Al Batt
Episode 124: True Nature: Tips for Deep-Winter Bird Feeding, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 123: Identify Yourself: Red Finches of Winter, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 122: The First Field Guide to My First Bird Guide by Al Batt
Episode 121: True Nature: Cindy House: A Marvelous Specificity, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 120: Identify Yourself: Wow—the Northern Goshawk! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 119: The Humble Birder Becomes a humble birder, by Al Batt
Episode 118: True Nature: The Grass Lounge, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 117: Identify Yourself: Pacific Shearwaters, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 116: Shouldn't Your Bird Dog Be Bigger Than the Bird? by Al Batt
Episode 115: True Nature: Rabbit Wars, by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 114: Identify Yourself: Summer Backyard Focus, by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 113: An Odd Whooshing Sound, by Al Batt
Episode 112: True Nature: Pigeons, Naturally by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 111: Identify Yourself: You Can Do Dowitchers! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 110: How Would a Winter Wren Sound in a Yellow Submarine? By Al Batt
Episode 109: True Nature: Crepuscular by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 108: Identify Yourself: Do It Yourself! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 107: When a Dander Got His Dander Up by Al Batt
Episode 106: True Nature: Peg Redux: Waking Up to Jays by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 105: Identify Yourself: Sing Us a Song, Mr. Sparrow Man by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 104: Sick Birding by Al Batt
Episode 103: True Nature: Chipmunk Tendencies by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 102: Identify Yourself: Getting It Wrong by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 101: I Couldn't See Myself Without New Binoculars by Al Batt
Episode 100: True Nature: Frank M. Chapman by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 99: Identify Yourself: Getting It Wrong by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 98: I Don't Know Who Let the Dogs Out, But I Let the Bird In by Al Batt
Episode 97: True Nature: Puzzle Pieces by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 96: Identify Yourself: Swifts by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 95: A Birder's List of 20 Things to Do Today by Al Batt
Episode 94: True Nature: Morning Breath by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 93: Identify Yourself: Mergansers by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 92: Do You Know the Way to San Jose Sewage Ponds? by Al Batt
Episode 91: True Nature: Just Birding by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 90: Identify Yourself: Nuthatches by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 89: Nobody Expects the Birdish Inquisition by Al Batt
Episode 88: Vulture Exodus: End of December Days by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 87: Brewer's and Rusty Blackbirds by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 86: Birding with a Mouthful of Much Obliged by Al Batt
Episode 85: True Nature: Who Kills the Killer? by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 84: ID Yourself: Going Nutty with Loons by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 83: A Gentle Pelican Breeze Blew Across the Lake by Al Batt
Episode 82: True Nature: A Gift, Hurled from the Other Side by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 81: Identify Yourself: Take Note of Taking Notes by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 80: Why I Wear a Safety Helmet While Birding by Al Batt
Episode 79: Larry Barth: It's the Thought that Counts by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 78: ID Yourself: Yellowlegs by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 77: Desperately Seeking Ouzel by Al Batt
Episode 76: BinoKiller by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 75: A Birder Is as Cool as a Frozen Cucumber by Al Batt
Episode 74: ID Yourself: Sparrows in the Buff by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 73: True Nature: Grand Canyon Solitaire by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 72: Snowy Al by Al Batt
Episode 71: ID Yourself: Cormorants by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 70: True Nature: Birds and the Nature of Beauty by Juile Zickefoose
Episode 69: Dude! Where's My Spark Bird? by Al Batt
Episode 68: Identify Yourself: Brown Ducks Are Not Dull by Alvaro Jaramilo
Episode 67: True Nature: Mentors in Disguise by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 66: Hatched on the Bayou by Al Batt
Episode 65: ID Yourself: The Tanagers of Summer by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 64: Peg the Survivor by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 63: Ten Thousand Hours is a Long Bus Ride by Al Batt
Episode 62: Fledglings by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 61: Saying Nothing Has an Echo by Al Batt
Episode 60: Note to Self: Be Less Snarky by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 59: Here's Looking at You, Bird by Al Batt
Episode 58: ID Yourself: In Praise of Patch Birding by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 57: Not an Eagle Falls... by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 56: A Little Bird Told Me by Al Batt
Episode 55: ID Yourself: Bonies, Laughers and Littles by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 54: Fire on the Prairie by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 53: I Come in Peace, Take Me to Your Birder by Al Batt
Episode 52: Falcons by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 51: North Bend State Park by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 50: On the Road to Hibbing, No Fibbing by Al Batt
Episode 49: Everyday Flycatchers by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 48: Reality's Virtue by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 47: The Bird Club of the Air by Al Batt
Episode 46: Sound Advice by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 45: Greenhouse Apocalypse by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 44: Birding with Barney Fife, the Bird Whisperer by Al Batt
Episode 43: Bountiful Birches by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 42: Eagles by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 41: Have You Ever MBS'd? by Al Batt
Episode 40: Not About the Birds and the Bees by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 39: North Dakota Pipit Neck by Al Batt
Episode 38: Finding a Rare Bird by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 37: A Dove Named Frankenstein by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 36: Chickens and Buses and Grouse: Oh My! by Al Batt
Episode 35: Complete Tern Around by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 34: July's Three-ring Circus by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 33: Shorebird ID by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 32: Wild Kingdom by Al Batt
Episode 31: The Hunter/Gatherer/Birder Ape by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 30: Confusing Fall Warblers by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 29: A Naturalist's Rosetta Stone by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 28: Finch Fiesta! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 27: South African Safari, Part II by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 26: Honk If You Like Geese! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 25: South African Safari, Part I by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 24: Reference Species by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 23: Loon Rescue by Facebook by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 22: Thrush Spotting by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 21: Uneasy Rider by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 20: The White Paper on Egrets by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 19: Ten Junes on the Prairie by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 18: The Skinny on Rails by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 17: Chickadees--Tough Customers by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 16: The Name Game by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 15: Winter Birding--Dead, Until It's Not by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 14: Owls in Black and White by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 13: A Robin Goes to School by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 12: Eating Crow--and Ravens! by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 11: On Shaded Plantations by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 10: Hawking Advice by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 9: Rocking Redbelly by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 8: Five Tips to Make You Better at Bird ID by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 7: Mayhem by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 6: Warblerpalooza by Alvaro Jaramillo
Episode 5: Birding Presque Isle County, Michigan by Jim McCormac
Episode 4: Birding on the Run by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 3: Bold Pioneers by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 2: The Egalitarian Gardener by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 1: My Enormous Egg by Julie Zickefoose