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Episode 18: Birding the Borders

Posted on Tue, 15 Aug 2017 | Episode Duration: 28 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode 18: Birding the Borders

The guys talk about birding along borders and why it's often so good. They also discuss how the proposed border wall in South Texas is a horrible thing for birds and nature and will ruin a great birding site. They talk about their best border birding adventures in Texas, Arizona, Alaska, Minnesota, Hawaii, and North Carolina. Shout outs to: Easy Rider, the ABA, the British Birdwatching Fair, Patty Larkin, Lauren Barth, The Knack, and Dexy's Midnight Runners.

Episode 17: Smart, Social Birds and Things That Can Kill You

Posted on Tues, 1 Aug 2017 | Episode Duration: 25 minutes, 01 seconds
Episode 17: Smart, Social Birds and Things That Can Kill You

Are we humans really on top of the food chain? Recent research and stories from the field may tell us we're not. The two Birding Bs talk about smart birds (ravens), soulful birds (jays and hawks), voracious insects, the smell of a herd of elk in heat, dangerous moments in nature, and much more. Bill also has a cool music recommendation for our listeners: Jake La Botz.

Episode 16: Birds as Symbols

Posted on Mon, 17 Jul 2017 | Episode Duration: 25 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode 16: Birds as Symbols

The guys talk about the many ways birds are symbolic for humans. From the U.S. national symbol (the bald eagle) to a fight over the Oregon state bird, to wise owls, canaries in coal mines, beer labels, and bird tattoos, the guys cover topics like a sleeve of tatts covers your arm. Then Ben goes to a waterpark and we're waiting to see if he survived.

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