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Episode 23: Have You Ever "Ben" to Costa Rica?

Posted on Mon, 06 Nov 2017 | Episode Duration: 36 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode 23: Have You Ever

Ben Lizdas has been to Costa Rica twice this fall (lucky dog). In this episode he talks with some of his fellow participants in the Costa Rica Birding Challenge about birding in the tropics, birding competitions, ecolodges, and the wonders of Costa Rica. Sadly, (or perhaps not) Bill is almost completely excluded from this episode, but there's still a strong Thompson Family presence: That's Bill's daughter Phoebe doing the intro and outro voiceover.

Episode 22: Big Sits, Big Years, and Big Ducks

Posted on Tue, 24 Oct 2017 | Episode Duration: 29 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode 22: Big Sits, Big Years, and Big Ducks

Through the magic of Skype the fellas hold down a conversation about rare birds, The Big Sit!™, big sit strategy and rules, big years, world big years, and birding competitions. They also dip into the ornithological literature for a sidebar about male duck reproductive strategy. WARNING: Contains a short discussion of male duck genitalia.

Episode 21: Live From the American Birding Expo

Posted on Tue, 10 Oct 2017 | Episode Duration: 31 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode 21: Live From the American Birding Expo

The boys have a chinwag while walking the aisles of the 2017 American Birding Expo, near Philadelphia, PA. They stop to speak with friends from Chile, Australia, Uganda, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania about a variety of birding-related topics, including birding cameras, Rapa Nui, birds and wine, gorillas, shoe-billed storks, kangaroos, and new birders. They also discuss the Walking Dead fan event going on next door to the Expo. The episode ends with them heading over to find some zombies. We don't know if they ever came back.

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