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Best of This Birding Life: Adventure on Rapa Nui with Alvaro Jaramillo

Posted on Fri, 19 Oct 2007 | Episode Duration: 11 minutes, 40 seconds
Best of <em>This Birding Life</em>: Adventure on Rapa Nui with Alvaro Jaramillo

In this episode from 2007, tropical birding expert Alvaro Jaramillo recounts a side trip to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), which became one of the best experiences of his birding life.

Best of This Birding Life: Snowy Owl Invasion with Scott Weidensaul

Posted on Wed, 16 Jan 2019 | Episode Duration: 43 minutes, 09 seconds
Best of <em>This Birding Life</em>: Snowy Owl Invasion with Scott Weidensaul

TBL host Bill Thompson, III, will be away from the BWD home nest for a while. We hope soon to resume new episodes of the podcast we all know and love, but in the interim, we're taking a trip down memory lane and replaying some of the most popular episodes.

In this episode from December 2017, owl expert Scott Weidensaul joins Bill for a discussion of the winter's invasion of snowy owls from the Arctic. Through Project SNOWstorm (co-founded by Scott), a volunteer field research program studying these magnificent, mostly white owls, we are learning a great deal about their behavior, population dynamics, natural history, and how they interact with us humans, and vice versa. Scott also shares his tips for watching a snowy owl respectfully, without disturbing it.

Episode 87: Melissa Groo: Wildlife Biographer

Posted on Tue, 11 Dec 2018 | Episode Duration: 40 minutes, 0 seconds
Episode 87: Melissa Groo: Wildlife Biographer

Melissa Groo joins Bill to talk about her life and the late start she got to her amazing career as a "wildlife biographer." Though she is most famous for her captivating bird and wildlife photographs, Melissa strives to convey more than that, capturing the personality, soul, and essence of her subjects in hopes of inspiring empathy from humankind for the plight of the natural world.

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Best of TBL: Snowy Owl Invasion with Scott Weidensaul
Episode 87: Melissa Groo, Wildlife Biographer
Episode 86: Juan the Guan and Other Birding Stories
Episode 85: Cape A-May-Zing: A Visit to Cape May, New Jersey
Episode 84: A Birder's Guide to Murder, with JR Ripley
Episode 83: Tom Stephenson and BirdGenie
Episode 82: Birding in Colombia Part 2: Camarones
Episode 81: Birding in Colombia Part 1: Santa Marta Mountains
Episode 80: Erik Bruhnke, the World's Happiest Birdman
Episode 79: Meet the California Young Birders Club
Episode 78: James Adams and the Closing of Pico Bonito
Episode 77: Point and Shoot Photography
Episode 76: Noah Strycker's World Big Year
Episode 75: Snowy Owl Invasion with Scott Weidensaul
Episode 74: Birding Taiwan
Episode 73: More Birding Stories
Episode 72: An Interview with ABA President Jeff Gordon
Episode 71: Catherine Hamilton, Bird Artist for Conservation
Episode 70: Ian Harding and Odd Birds
Episode 69: Three Fabulous Birding Festivals
Episode 68: Jan Pierson and Field Guides
Episode 67: Katie Fallon, Vulture Enthusiast
Episode 66: Cat Wars
Episode 65: Champions of the Flyway, Part II
Episode 64: Voices of India
Episode 63: Voices of the Honduras Birding for Conservation Tour
Episode 62: An Interview with Rockjumper Birding Tours
Episode 61: My Jinx Bird
Episode 60: A Visit to Cornell Labs
Episode 59: Birding Portugal
Episode 58: A Conversation with Julie Zickefoose
Episode 57: The Honduras Birding for Conservation Tour
Episode 56: Champions of the Flyway, Part I
Episode 55: Backyard Rarity, Part II
Episode 54: Backyard Rarity, Part I
Episode 53: Great Birding Stories, Vol. 1
Episode 52: Birding in Uganda, Part II
Episode 51: Birding in Uganda, Part I
Episode 50: An Interview with Ted Floyd of the ABA
Episode 49: A Visit to the British Bird Fair, Part II
Episode 48: A Visit to the British Bird Fair, Part I
Episode 47: Sketches of Homer, Alaska
Episode 46: The Voices of Argentina
Episode 45: Jeff Bouton and the Amazon Kingfisher
Episode 44: Speakers from the '13 Midwest Birding Symposium
Episode 43: The Early Days of Bird Watcher's Digest
Episode 42: Birders: The Central Park Effect
Episode 41: The Past, Present, and Future of Birding Optics
Episode 40: Optics-Buying Advice With Ben Lizdas, Part II
Episode 39: Optics-Buying Advice With Ben Lizdas, Part I
Episode 38: Young Birders at the Hog Island Audubon Camp
Episode 37: Birding the Hula Valley of Israel
Episode 36: The Sounds of Spring at Indigo Hill
Episode 35: The Snowy Owl Invasion
Episode 34: The Birding Life of Greg Miller
Episode 33: An Interview with David Frankel
Episode 32: Trekking for the Philippine Eagle
Episode 31: An Interview with Michael Male
Episode 30: An Interview with Sophie Webb
Episode 29: Nature in Iraq
Episode 28: The Bird Call Lady
Episode 27: Music and Birds: Jonathan Meiberg of Shearwater
Episode 26: Voices of Guyana
Episode 25: An Englishman in Florida
Episode 24: Birding in Panama
Episode 23: The Big Sit!
Episode 22: Snippets From a Life Gone to the Birds
Episode 21: Saving the Cebu Flowerpecker
Episode 20: iBird and the Evolution of the Digital Field Guide
Episode 19: Love and Death Among the Cranes
Episode 18: Phoebe and The Young Birder's Guide
Episode 17: Adventures in Birding With Bryan Bland
Episode 16: Capsized by Rogue Wave
Episode 15: Birding the World With Victor Emanuel
Episode 14: birdJam: a Revolution in Bird Identification
Episode 13: The Singing Life of Birds
Episode 12: Paradise Lost by Julie Zickefoose
Episode 11: Adventure on Rapa Nui
Episode 10: A Conversation with Lang Elliott
Episode 9: A Conversation with Kenn Kaufman
Episode 8: A Five Hawk Experience
Episode 7: A Postcard From Tikal
Episode 6: The Perils and Pitfalls of Birding
Episode 5: Interview with Scott Weidensaul
Episode 4: Return to Wild America by Scott Weidensaul
Episode 3: Birding Technology, Part II
Episode 2: Birding Technology, Part I
Episode 1: Letters from Eden, Julie Zickefoose

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