January/February 2019

 January/February 2019

Issue Features

Cover Species: Rhapsody in Red: Northern Cardinal by Erik Bruhnke

A Birder's Dilemma by Judith Paul

Birding Magic: Ecuador by Jeffrey Rich

Common and familiar throughout its range, even those who don’t enjoy cardinals at their bird feeders recognize it as a sports mascot. Gain a new appreciation of this beautiful bird in a profile by Erik Bruhnke.

In the Backyard

Ruckus Raven by Melissa M. Tierney

Gourmet or Bargain Seed: Which is best for the birds? by Hank Weber

My Way: Invite Your Nonbirder Spouse for Sunset Birding! by Susan & Arthur Sissman

Most folks who feed birds know that black-oil sunflower will attract the most birds. But not all seed mixes are created equally, notes frequent contributor Hank Weber.

Columns & Departments

Letters from Readers

Quick Takes by Paul J. Baicich

Migrations: The Soul of the Wild by Scott Weidensaul

ID Yourself: Red Finches of Winter by Alvaro Jaramillo

Spotlight on Hawaii

Birding Festival Roundup: More Opportunities for Adventure by Leigh & Phil Creighton

Birders Question Mark by Mark S. Garland

Pete's Tips

Binocular Familiarity by Pete Dunne

True Nature: Tips for Deep-Winter Bird Feeding by Julie Zickefoose

Birding Photography: Winter Means Gulls, and Gulls are Fun to ‘Shoot’ by Jim McCormac

Far Afield: On the Rocks in Ocean City, Maryland by Kevin Starner

Optics Review: Zeiss Harpia Spotting Scope by Ben Lizdas

The First Field Guide to My First Bird Guide by Al Batt

Watching Bird Behavior: How Birds Survive Frigid Weather by David M. Bird

The Well-Equipped Birder: Female Urination Devices by Dawn Hewitt

Book Notes

Experts have predicted an irruption of finches this winter. Can you distinguish house, purple and Cassin’s finches, or red and white-winged crossbills? Learn how from the bird ID guru, Alvaro Jaramillo. Photo by Naturepicsonline.com

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