January/February 2021

 January/February 2021

Issue Features

A Private Investigator’s Theories by Mark Danowsky

Lagniappe by Bob Karel

The Geese of Gem Lake by Joeseph Cantey Elliott

Lagniappe, pronounced LAN yap, is defined as a small gift or bonus—and contributor Bob Karel shares his most memorable birding lagniappe experience, on the trail of a red-cockaded woodpecker one spring in northern Florida. Photo by D. Sherony / Wikimedia.

In the Backyard

Blue Jay Alert! Birding with Preschoolers by Margaret Schmidt

Contributor Margaret Schmidt describes how her grandchildren developed a connection to the natural world. It all started with a ritual of eating breakfast while sitting on the kitchen counter and watching the birds. Photo by M. Schmidt.

Columns & Departments

Letters from Readers

Quick Takes by Paul J. Baicich

Migrations: Dances with Snakes by Scott Weidensaul

Cover Species: An Appreciation of Kestrels by Melissa Moore

Identify Yourself: Long-eared Owl by Alvaro Jaramillo

My Little Chickadee by Al Batt

Pete's Tips: Scope-purchasing Advice by Pete Dunne

Birders Question Mark by Mark S. Garland

Birding Festival Roundup: A Fantasy Festival Big Year by Leigh and Phil Creighton

True Nature: Access Is Everything by Julie Zickefoose

Wingbeats: Backyard Hawks by Katie Fallon

Watching Bird Behavior: A Tale of Two Towhees by David M. Bird

Far Afield: Port Aransas, Texas by Jessica Melfi

Spotlight on Maine

BirdTography: Bird-Photography Travel by Bruce Wunderlich

The Well-Equipped Birder: Lowa Innox Pro GTX Mid Hiking Boots by Sarah Clark

Book Notes

Redstart Birding

North America’s smallest and most widespread raptor—and arguably one of the most beautifully colored, the American kestrel is often found near areas of human activity, but the species faces severe population decline due to decreasing habitat in some areas. Photo by C.J. Sharp / Wikimedia.

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