July/August 2017

 July/August 2017

Issue Features

Our Cover Species: Marbled Murrelet by Betsy Rogers

Sorry for the Tick on Your Knee by Johann Schumacher

Turning the Page: A Pilgrimage to the Birthplace of American Ornithology by Hank Weber

Camera Lenses for Birding by Mollee Brown

The Swallow People by Curt Melliger

Birding Optics: Introducing: The New Leica Noctivid by Ben Lizdas

Perhaps because it's not a flashy bird and spends most of its life at sea, much remains unknown about the marbled murrelet. In fact, its nesting habits weren't discovered until the 1970s!

In the Backyard

Seed Choice and House Sparrows at Your Feeders by Lysa Styfurak

If You Build It, He Will Come by Kevin Walsh

My Way: DIY Ant Moat For Nectar Feeders by Scott Seely

Pete's Tips: Bird the Conditions by Pete Dunne

If you’re finding your bird watching a bit heavy in the house sparrow department and wish to attract a greater variety, give changing your seed a go. House sparrow photo by Luc Viatour.

Columns & Departments

Letters from Readers

Quick Takes by Paul J. Baicich

Migrations: What “Bird Friendly” Looks Like by Scott Weidensaul

ID Yourself: Desert Thrashers by Alvaro Jaramillo

Maybe the Band Was Named the Raven Maniacs by Al Batt

State Spotlight: Vermont

Birders Question Mark by Mark S. Garland

True Nature: The Nature Game by Julie Zickefoose

Far Afield: Birding the Bootheel: Southeastern Missouri by Jerry Uhlman

Watching Bird Behavior: Good Questions by David M. Bird

Book Notes

Well-Equipped Birder: HydraPak Stash Collapsible Water Bottle by Alan Rollins

Sage, curve-billed, Bendire's, California, crissal, Le Conte's: Can you tell these thrashers apart? Learn how from bird ID guru Alvaro Jaramillo, who calls this group the "must-see" birds of the desert West. Curve-billed thrasher photo by Seabamirum / Wikimedia.